Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Brock's Best Blog

If you are new to my blog, from time to time I do a little ranting and raving. Not always, but blog, my prerogative.

Brock is a great friend of mine from high school. A while back he wrote this on his blog...I loved it. You can read his blog for yourself at

what does worldly look like?
recently some of my friends were accused of being worldly because of the way they look and dress. a group of fundamentalist pastors decided to pick on my friends because they were doing ministry and being worldly. they claimed that they are using worldly methods, and it was disgusting to God. they had problems with the way they do their hair, saying they didnt comb their hair or something. my friends that i am talking about are professional skaters and bmx riders who also bring they message of jesus at their shows. these guys skate in front of thousands of people at their shows, why not give the gospel i ask. if the way a person looks on the outside is a reflection of the way they are on the inside then lets use this logic and have some fun. ok? ok, here we go.
what does worldly really look like? if someone dresses with baggy pants and messy hair then they are worldly. using this same logic lets turn it around. if you wear a button down shirt with some tan pants then you look just like the doctor i saw on tv last night who does abortions for teenage girls. abortion is murder therefore you dress like a murderer. if you wear a shirt and tie then you look like the car salesman who sells cars that have had the mileage rolled back to make the car look less used. therefore you look like a liar. if you dress with a suit and tie, then you look like the pastor i recently met who just got arrested for child molestation. therefore if you dress like that, you must be a child molester. if you have a beard then you look like a muslim. some muslims have been known to blow up airplanes therefore you look like a terrorist. do you see the ridiculous logic in all of this. so, to all of you murdering, lying, cheating, child molesting, terrorists out there, welcome to the club. you might want to change the way you dress. the truth is, we all look worldly. because worldly is all encompassing.

God doesnt care what you look like on the outside. he cares about your heart. he wants you to use whatever you do to reach people.
now, if you are a stripper and you take your clothes off on stage and show a tattoo on your chest that says john 3:16 then you might want to rethink your clever evangelistic strategy.

I hate it when people say things about the way other people look. If it's modest and not provocative or hurting you in some way, get over it for heaven's sake. Don't even get me started on the whole tattoo issue. Here's the deal...the person you are talking about and getting your feathers so ruffled up about and getting all offended about probably doesn't like your hair or the way you dress either. Geez. Didn't your mother ever teach you that if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all?


Anonymous said...

"So, if you ever see me back in the states on furlough with long limp hair, oversized bifocals, a button-down cotton shirt that is tucked into my pleated elastic long denim skirt, buckle sandals, with my handy slide projector in tow...please, please, please...nudge me and give me a friendly fashion police rebuke."

"I hate it when people say things about the way other people look. If it's modest and not provocative or hurting you in some way, get over it for heaven's sake."

Michawn said...


1-24-07 post...
over-exaggeration to prove the point that you have to be relate-able to your audience. i don't actually know someone that dresses this way, although very close. it is not relate-able at all unless you are maybe with people who dress that way. again, not saying we should conform to just anything that is around us, but we need to be able to reach our audience and not repulse them. hopefully the Holy Spirit through you will be able to reach no matter what, but I said in the post...that wasn't the case in the missionaries i grew up seeing either. relating...that was what the post was about...not the way people dress.

same with brock's post. those friends he was talking about really reach a certain demographic. those people they reach are much more open to them because they fit in with them. wasn't it paul who said something about being all things to all people?

i think that most people understand what this post (and the one back in january) is all about. to mr./ms. anonymous though...sorry if i offended is my explanation.