Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where We Are

Many have asked about where we are concerning our financial support raising. So, I thought I'd let you know a little bit about how it works.

All commitment cards (i.e. cards from people interested in supporting us financially and/or in prayer) are sent directly to CTEN, the organization that is handling all of our finances, among other services they provide. At the end of each month, they give us an update as to how things are going. So, in about 15 days I guess, we will know more about 'where we are.' :)

Joel started his job last week, although hasn't actually done anything to get paid yet. :) He is paid by the hour...flight hour with a student that is. Last week he went and got checked out by his boss. He is only going to be working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week. Well, Friday we were traveling for that wedding, Monday was a holiday, today the weather was too bad to, he's still here with his family and his family is happy about that. :) As soon as the weather is good enough to fly though, he will be heading up in the sky with students.

Things are going well here in Saline. It's nice to be home and not too busy...such a nice thing, since it has been VERY non-stop since Asa was born. Monday was really our first day here since our travels to Pennsylvania, so we cleaned house bigtime and have just been taking it a little easier and spending some great time together since then. Of course there are still the "dailys" to do (laundry, dishes, and in our case dirty diapers galore), but those are always there. We are truly loving this time.

Our next projects though...possible potty training and trying to get Asa sleeping through the night. I'll keep you posted on both.

Now, for a few pictures...these were taken back before Christmas. We went down to Daddy's barn and all the kids posed on his tractor (even Asa) and in the hay. We framed a couple of them and gave them as gifts to my family.

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