Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This blogging world is so crazy. I don't know these people, but I've actually put their blogsite on here before. I've been reading their blog daily about their sweet and beautiful little boy, Noah, since they set it up in August I believe. It's amazing how you feel like you know someone so well just by reading their blogs, even though you've never met, talked, or even emailed.

They've made a really tough decision to take their sweet baby boy off of life support this Friday. I cried alot after I read that today. Makes you thankful for what you have. They have never even been able to find out what is wrong with Noah. So crazy, but with the blog, I've been on this journey with them. My heart breaks for them, although I know that they are at total peace and praising God no matter what.

Please pray for them. God can still do a's never too late for Him.

Visit their website here if you'd like.

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Life en la Casa de Lidia! said...

Michawn, my heart hurts for this family as well! I cannot imagine...I cannot image what that would be like! Father, Please comfort and give peace to this family. I will be praying for them. Thanks for sharing about them so that we can be praying as well.