Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Frumpy Missionary

My first memories of missionaries are not fond memories. As a young person, you are constantly, although unconsciously most of the time, looking for people to emulate. The missionaries I came into contact with growing up were not people I wanted to become like. Bless their little pea-picking hearts...I know that they were probably totally serving God wholeheartedly...they probably have huge mansions with all the upgrades imaginable waiting for them in heaven. But, I hope that we not only serve God with the people He sends us to, but I hope to always be relate-able to everyone I come into contact with.

Now, I have never claimed to be a stylish person. I am well aware that I am, in fact, borderline "What Not to Wear" material myself. But, I do try to keep somewhat up-to-date in my clothes, hair, etc.

I can't say that is always easy. I don't necessarily like those pants that you can't bend over in without looking like a plumber and don't even get me started with the thongs (and no, I'm not talking about flip flops). But, I do try to stay away from things that would "date" me...I try not to get stuck in a time period. I may not be succeeding completely, but hopefully I am doing an o.k. job.

So, if you ever see me back in the states on furlough with long limp hair, oversized bifocals, a button-down cotton shirt that is tucked into my pleated elastic long denim skirt, buckle sandals, with my handy slide projector in tow...please, please, please...nudge me and give me a friendly fashion police rebuke.


Stephanie said...

Girlfriend, I will let you know if you turn up looking like that. What are friends for? Right? :)

kris said...

i will nominate you for what not to wear myself :)

AUNY said...

Brock will let you know. You know he's blunt! He used to tell his mom not to where those Christmas or teaches pins on her blouse.

Mum said...

You should have close friends appointed to get you in style whenever you come home.Living in a foreign land one loses all notion of whats in style in USA as one becomes immersed in the culture of the country. A friend would return to the states almost every year and often complain and critize the Brazilians b/c they didn't do things right(like Americans). She would have had a greater sphere of influence and been more effective in reaching others had she traveled less and identified with the people more. Get your friends to help you whenever you return or you'll be just like those frumpy missionaries yourself! Been There