Monday, January 08, 2007

My 3 Year Old

I can't believe I have a 3 yr. old, but I do. While we were in Pennsylvania, we celebrated his birthday which was Wednesday, the 3rd. Yep, he had his 3rd birthday on the 3rd. :) That'll never happen again.

He's so great. He is growing leaps and bounds as usual, but more mentally than physically these days. I am amazed at his vocabulary and comprehension of things sometimes. That comprehension makes a Mama's job easier.

Grady's favorite things right now: The Word (seriously) which is now in his new Bob and Larry Bible cover, his Jonah book, his train set that he got for Christmas, his dart gun, going to church (he was begging to go this morning...I think he's having withdrawals since we didn't go Wednesday night or yesterday), playing outside, watching movies (we have to seriously limit them...we are in the middle of a movie fast right now), and of course his family. :)

This is my current favorite Grady picture. Here he is, being cute and sweet (and fun) Grady.

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Stephanie said...

Grady is so cute. he is such a sweet little boy!