Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Asa Update

Asa is 3 months old today. I took these pictures today while I was holding her. She is such a gorgeous blue-eyed little girl. She smiles and coos ALL the time and HATES to sit or lay down. I can tell she's going to be a good candidate for a jumping seat soon. :) I weighed her the other day and she is a solid 14 pounds. She loves to eat. She doesn't sleep a whole lot during the day, but knows when it is bedtime at night. She still wakes up once during the night...hopefully for not much longer. She holds her head on her own just fine now (has for a long time actually) and rolled over, from back to front, for the first time last Friday (she has rolled from front to back before too of course). She never fusses unless she is tired, hungry, or has a dirty diaper. I think she might be teething also...her brother and sister had their first teeth around 3-4 months and she's been gnawing on her fingers alot lately. A new development as of today is that she is starting to notice her hands, just sitting and looking at them move around for a long time. So crazy...we take our hands for granted everyday...really fun to see someone noticing theirs for the first time. :)

Happy 3-Month Birthday, Asa! You are so much fun and we love you a ton!!

Also, hopefully soon I will have more pictures on the website. I know it needs to be done, but haven't had the time to do it. Hopefully soon though.

Here is Asa with some "presents" from Grady and kids love stickers. :)


Ali Elam said...

Asa Rose is so beautiful! :) Love her pics! Fun talking to you the other day!

I've been following Noah's blog ever since you put it on your blog. What an awesome family full of God's wisdom! It's so sad and so joyful all in one. I will be praying for Noah and their family this week.

Stephanie said...

She does have some great eyes! She is so sweet and I wish I could get my hands on her.