Monday, January 08, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

Well, we got back home to Saline last night. We were supposed to fly back from PA on Thursday, but Hadley got sick...the throwing up everywhere kind of sick...not exactly the best thing for travel. So, we postponed our flight and came back yesterday instead.

We had 3 separate flights which made for a long day. From the time we left Joel's grandparents' house in PA to the time we got back to our house here in Saline, it was about 13 hours. That's a long time with 3 kiddos, but they did really well.

By the time we got home though, Joel was feeling really sick. He took a shower and went straight to bed. Therefore, I had to handle everything else. I decided to just leave all of the heavy suitcases in the van and just make due with what wasn't packed. I even found an unused toothbrush here in the house...a small miracle. I put the kids in the bathtub and got them all washed down. Meanwhile, Asa was screaming and I had to nurse her, so I just let the kids play in the tub while I sat on the bathroom floor and nursed Asa. Unfortunately, when I was almost done nursing, Grady started yelling, "Ewww, there's poo. There's poo in the water Mama." Yes, Hadley had pooped in the water. So, I laid Asa down in the floor, scooped out the poo, and re-bathed the kids. Eeesh. It was a very busy night for me. I am SO GLAD that I'm not a single parent.

I finally got a shower, gave Asa a bath, got the kids to bed, got Asa to bed, and went to bed myself. By the time I went to bed, I was feeling really bad too. I woke up freezing about an hour and a half after I'd gone to sleep...then I abruptly had to go empty the contents of my stomach. Yuck...I hate to vomit. Then I had to get back up and nurse Asa around 3:30am. I slept really good other than that though, and slept alot today when I wasn't nursing. I am feeling much better, thank God.

Tomorrow Joel starts work at Northwestern State University as a flight instructor. I'm hoping that I feel 100% by the morning. It's back to the grindstone.

Sad...I don't like grindstones. :) But, I guess it will be good to get back in to some sort of routine. I personally don't really like routines. But, as I've posted before, I know that it does wonders for kiddos. Even when we (Joel isn't very fond of set routines either) set them up, we have to change it up every now and then.

Alright, enough rambling for tonight. Just wanted to let you know we are home and safe...jiggety jig.


Ali Elam said...

Sounds like you all got a wicked bug! Poor ebersole's! Hope the bug leaves you guys very quickly! :)

kris said...

hope you guys are feeling better...
it is so nice to go home :)