Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Well, What Do You Know?

I guess a little bit of complaining isn't always bad. Since my last post it has gotten nice and warm here. I even ran today in shorts and a t-shirt...it was in the 60s. Ni-i-ice. I know it is short-lived, but still nice while it's here.

That's another thing about this part of the country though. The weather is so crazy. You just never know what to expect this time of year. The summer is hot...simple. The fall and winter is very unpredictable. It will be cold sweater and coat weather one day and warm shorts and short sleeve shirt weather the next. Also, within the same day the temperature can jump or fall 30 degrees. We'll start the day out with ice on the windshield and then it will be sunny and 70 in the afternoon. When you are going to be out and about all day long, it's hard to know how to dress because it's cold in the mornings and at night, but you need your shorts on in the afternoon. Anyhow, just another little bit of information about the south. Our coldest weather is usually in January and February...from what I remember, it's pretty consistently cold then. I personally enjoy wearing shorts on Christmas day though.

It's now raining as I type this.

SCORE!! I just looked at the 10-day forecast and it is supposed to be in the 60s and 70s that whole time...the whole 10 days. Of course, at night and in the mornings it will be about 30 degrees lower than that as I said, but woohoo...I guess the warmer weather won't be as short-lived as I was preparing myself for.

We go to Pennsylvania on the 26th for about a week or so. Guess we'll get plenty of colder weather there. :)

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