Thursday, December 14, 2006


When I use the term "redneck" here, I am not in any way trying to offend. True rednecks are proud to be rednecks and wouldn't be offended anyway. But, if ever there was a Redneckville, this is truly describes some of the things that are seen here. Again, not being offensive...and all you Saline rednecks...I'm sure you take it as a compliment.

A couple of days ago, I went running on the dam since it was a beautiful 68 degrees at 10am. This is what I saw: (cracks me up I tell you)

Yes, folks...these are 2 deer heads hanging on the stop sign. Now, during the summer there are usually humongous fish heads hanging from this sign...the results of noodlers in the area (if you don't know what noodling is, you can google it...or you can go to this website...this is a very entertaining article about noodling that I found... But, during hunting season...2 nice deer heads.

Notice the power lines. On the left there are some shoes that have been hanging there forever. On the right, yep...more deer parts...2 deer legs. Interesting, huh? I know all you sightseers out there are wishing you could take a nice Sunday drive around here. :) So funny.

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