Saturday, December 09, 2006

I Hate Cold

I despise cold. Last night it was 20 degrees as we drove around in our loaned van which is choosing to only have intermittent heating. Last night was one of the times it chose not to work. I hate cold weather and being cold. If God wanted to really test me, or if anyone wanted to ever torture me or anything...just send me somewhere cold. I hate cold weather. Thank God for the tropical climate of Brazil. I hate cold weather. Sunny, coat-free days are for me.

Did I mention that I hate cold weather? Seriously, I hate it.


AUNY said...

I agree. I was in Florida last week where it was 80 degrees everyday. Then, I came home to weather in the teens. Even if it's Christmas, I'd still choose warmth if I had the choice.

not so fertile girl said...

you big cry baby! :)

kris said...

i agree!
but i am stuck in new england!

Anonymous said...

Ten years of snow was enough for me! I couldn't agree more.