Friday, December 15, 2006

Crazy Kids

Hadley was in the middle of saying "No" here. Since they had just gotten up from a nap, she was not in the mood for a picture. Her hair is SO crazy after naps.

I just kept snapping away on the camera.

She just continued to look at me like I was nuts.

Grady was having a good time though.

He was really laughing about the hard time he was having taking his shirt off.

And finally, he was able to do it...with a little pulling of his scalp.

These aren't crazy pictures, but just wanted to include this beautiful little girl. She's so fun and sweet.


Anonymous said...

yea and the baby is cute too. grady looks pretty determined in the last picture

Cristie said...

Hey girl! Now I can post I guess! Love your blog. I would love to see those adorable kiddos. Mine are doing great. Ronnie and Byron are fishing and me and Baylee girl are just hanging out here. I do hope to see you in Feb. when Steph comes down. I miss ya'll! Love ya!