Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We´re Here

We are in Manaus, Brazil. Our bags are not here. :(

That´s a super bummer, but oh well...the up side is that, although terribly inconvenient after traveling forEVER, we get to go shopping once we reach our final destination in a few hours.

As I said, we are in Manaus. They have a little area where you can use the internet for $2 per half-hour. We have about another hour and a half here before our 2-hour flight to Brasilia takes off. Then, we will be met by an Asas de Socorro friend and have about a 2-hour drive to Anapolis, our final destination.

The flights have been really good. The first flight we had 3 seats for us 2. Then, the longer flight (5 hours) we each had 3 seats. It was nice. And, we watched Mission Impossible 3, got gifts from the airline, and had dinner as we watched the movie.

This is the first time I´ve flown without kids since we had them. It´s amazing how much time you have to just do whatever you want. Although we miss our kids immensely already, we are enjoying our ``free time`` too. Thanks so much, by the way, for your prayers regarding our saying goodbye to our kiddos. It went very smoothly, just laughing and hugging and having fun. They will have a great time and will get a gift from us each day, so I´m sure they will be loving us ``going on a trip.``

I will update more later. Just wanted to let you all know that we arrived in Brazil. Be remembering us, our kids, and now our luggage too (we should be getting it sometime Thursday). Thank you so much.


AUNY said...

What airline was that? Dinner and a movie? I didn't know they still did that sort of thing on a plane. I'm praying that everything will go smoothly for you and your kids will not miss you too much.

Matt and Lidia said...

I am praying for you guys and the kids today!
Love you:)

Steph said...

So excited that you are almost there. I bet the kids are having a great time getting spoiled rotten! Enjoy your time as a couple.

Mama said...

Let us hear from you. Let me know how Grady and Hadley are doing. Glad your flight was good except for the luggage part. Hope your trip is an education for you concerning your future. I love you all.

Mama said...

By the way, what is the time difference down there? Marilyn Baker had an MRI done Tues. and they found a spot on her brain. They are doing further tests Fri. She is seeing Dr. Anil Nanda that did Granny's and Aunt Marilyn's back surgery and my neck. He is also Aunt Cheryl's "neck" doctor.
He is a fine Christian doctor. I'm subbing for her this week. Keep her in prayer.