Friday, August 25, 2006

Anapolis - Day 3

Friday is almost done (although we still have a few more things to do on the schedule before our day is done and it is already past 9PM...Joel is still at the hangar...eeek) and I can't believe it. They are keeping us SO busy that the time is just flying by like crazy.

Last night for supper we went to Josemil and Drucilla's house. They seem to have the hang-out house, as there were several other young people there...5 to be exact, one being their daughter. I tell you what, the people here are so much fun. I don't even know their language and still I am impressed with how much fun they are. Anyway, after we ate we walked over to Steve and Kristin's house. This whole little dirt street between the hangar and Asas de Socorro's offices is where most of the missionaries live. So, you can just walk to each other's houses, walk to Asas, walk to the airport, etc.

So, anyhow, we walked over to Steve and Kristin's and watched a short video which had Asas planes in it. Then we got to know each other alot was me and Joel, Steve and Kristin, Josemil and Drucilla, and Rocindes (the president) and his wife, Edna. So fun!! We just did a few little activities that revealed more about each one of us. It was great.

This morning Joel went on a cross-country flight, so he had to be at the airport earlier than planned...7AM. I stayed in my room this morning to do my work...I had to answer a Values questionnaire and write an essay. After that I went to the Asas offices and did an activity with newspaper...I had to build a house with it that I could go into...and had to be on the floor. For someone who is 34 weeks pregnant, not an easy thing to be crawling around on the hard floor stapling newspaper together, but it was a good activity. I'm telling you, these ladies are getting to know me really well through all of these really crazy activities and the questions they ask regarding the activities.

I then worked on some promotional material (making posters to show to people about Asas) until lunch. Joel got done with his cross-country flight and we went to lunch with Rocindes and Edna. We went to a restaurant in town since we were pressed for time. It was really good. Joel did a maintenance test and I worked on the posters some more after lunch until it was time to go for the psychological evaluation again. Joel went first (they do more with him than they do the wife) and then me (I saw more of the city while Joel was being evaluated)...then we both did one things together. Man, I felt like I had taken a mini-ACT test when I got done, and I didn't have to do half the stuff Joel did. It is crazy the things psych. people do to try to evaluate you. For instance, one was a personality test...but, to evaluate that what you had to do was draw lines on a paper...try to draw them perfectly straight and the same distance apart. It was a little crazy.

After we got done with the psych. evaluations, we headed back to the hangar and dropped Joel off for more maintenance testing. Be praying for him. He is having a rough day. His flight was a little rough this morning (things are just much different flying in another country). He did well on his maintenance test this morning, but the psych. eval. was very draining for him and now he is still over at the hangar looking up things on microfiche...ugh...I hated having to do that the couple of times that I've ever done that. Anyway, he did that sort of thing in college to look up maintenance things, but not since college, so just pray for him and that he has a much brighter day tomorrow.

So, after we dropped Joel off I went with Steve and Kristin and their kiddos to an outdoor churrascaria (shish-ka-bob place). It was really good. We came home and I went back to where we are staying for the first time since this morning. Now I am about to finish the posters and Joel still isn't back (it's 9:30). We are going to need a vacation after this. :)

Thanks for your prayers. We are doing well, although tired. And we are still very excited about Asas, even though they are working us to death. :) Just kidding. They are super great. And, the kids continue to do great there in Boston. If any of you read the comments, you know that it sounds like they had a blast with their Uncle Andre, Aunt Kristin, and cousin Alexa at Chuck E. Cheese. SO FUN!! I can just see Grady staring's very common for him when seeing any form of entertainment. :)

O.K., the posters are calling my name. I'll update again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

MICHAWN! wow! this is all so exciting. i was so excited to get an im from you last night. I was just praying for you a little bit earlier. God is so good and I'll keep praying for the rest of the trip! Love ya'll much... oh and thanks for always being so unselfish and asking how I'm doing. :) Enna