Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Goodbye Castle

As you all know, we closed on our house last Friday. The weekend brought some more major emotions as we had to give up our cat. The WONDERFUL people who took her, Ernie and Trudy Williams (and their daughter Jamie) actually offered to just "babysit" her for us to ease the pain. It's funny how looking forward to and the actual moment of that critical time of separation can be so hard, but sometimes after the moment is gone you are fine again. I love Sassy cat and it makes me sad that the kids don't have that perfect cat for them right now, but I don't know that we'll take her back. I'm totally fine at this point and Grady was sad and crying when they left with her, but they went right down for a nap...after they woke up, they never mentioned her again. So, great times with Sassy, but we may just wait and get another cat in Brazil...and pray for a cat as perfect and wonderful as Sassy. We'll see...maybe we'll run to the Williams' in October and beg for her back. :)

We moved out of our house Monday and ended up spending the night with John and Nicole Graves and their brood of 5. It was a really great and fun night with them and a great send-off.

We are now in Saline and will be here until that point we will board a plane to Boston and be there for a month. Things are absolutely crazy and nutso...but, it's not chaotic, which is a sign that God is totally in this and in control. We have to remind ourselves of that at times, but it is definitely evident. The big prayer requests at this time are:

1. what to do mid-October after the baby is born - God has so faithfully provided for us up until that point as far as a place to stay. And, He technically has provided a place to stay after that as well, here in Saline. But, we just need wisdom as to what to do with our remaining time in the states at that point and what to invest our time and money in (buy land?, build a basic house for furloughs?, etc.).

2. trip to Brazil - We had tentatively planned to head there at the end of August for Joel to get evaluated and just to check it all out. Well, we may not be able to go then. It all depends on whether or not the guy down there who has to evaluate Joel will be available at that time or not. That is what we are waiting to hear. So, just pray for that and the perfect timing for us to go.

It's like I told a friend a few days ago...God is definitely leading and guiding us along. He is moving us this way and that...and through "supernatural" (although I guess everything He does is supernatural) means at times (dreams, divine appointments, etc.) and it is so encouraging. But, it is crazy. Mostly these days it seems we are mid-step, going in slow motion, and God is literally bending down and taking our leg to place our foot where He wants it to be. It really is crazy, but wonderful to have to rely on that kind of dependency on Him. He is teaching and preparing us for many things and times like this to come I'm sure, as He does in every season of our lives.

By the way, hopefully in the next month or so we will have a website of our own up and running. It will be filled with news and pictures, so be on the look-out. I'll let you know all about it when it's ready.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers.

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Steph said...

So will you have computer access while you are in Saline? I would hate not to get the updates. :)