Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fever Blisters

On my list of things I despise (along with leaving my kids per the previous post).

Does anyone else get them? I HATE them I tell you. I always feel like I should shout, "Unclean, unclean!" wherever I go.

I usually get a fever blister about once or twice a year. Sometimes they are really bad. Sometimes they aren't so severe. I developed one on Monday that is a pretty fierce one not fun.

Fever blisters are so gross though. I mean, it is herpes on your lip. Yeah, a little disgusting to think about. But, just to clear up the whole "herpes" is a different strain of herpes than the other kind. And, just to make it clear, I started getting fever blisters at a very young age before I had ever even kissed anyone. So, clearly not a result of bad behavior or anything. Is that too much technical nursey information for y'all? O.K., let's move on.

I am one who likes to get things out in the open. I feel like just making an announcement everywhere I go..."Yes, this thing on my lip? It's a fever blister. I have a fever blister. Now, it's out in the open. Let's talk."

Hopefully this thing will go away soon. It is not only disgusting, but also very painful I must say. Although, last summer when I came to Boston I developed a mouthful of ulcers...I couldn't eat or talk or hardly even was one of the most painful (worse than childbirth honestly because it lasted way longer and there was no wonderful joy of a baby at the end) and uncomfortable and inconvenient things ever. I finally had to go to the ER and get some lidocaine swish and swallow for it. It was horrible. I guess I'll take a "leprous lip" over that any day.


Trenda said...

hey girl
I know the feeling. I'm glad to hear that things have finally turned out ok despite the hitches. I know it's hard to leave the kids for a length of time for the first time, but it is not a sin to actually enjoy it some. Just don't let the kids know you have a great time without them, you tell them it was an ok time. You could use a little time to take a breath and take all the wonderful things in that God is doing in your life. I don't mean you can't miss them and worry yourself, cause we all do it, but sometimes adult time can be nice. I will keep you in my prayers and the kids, they'll be spoiled rotten when you get back. Amazing what a few days with grandparents can do.

Love ya
Trenda Gail

Cristie said...

Hey Michawn, I can't relate, I have never had fever blisters although every one else in my family gets them from time to time. I can relate to the ulcers in the mouth thing, which I ate yogurt for and they went away! It looks like there a lot of good over the counter products for fever blisters now. I hope you have something to put on it. Take care!

Steph said...

Oh my fellow sister in suffering!
Yes, I get them. It started in nursing school getting one per semester. I think they are brought on by stress. Hello, didn't you just go through a stressful travel experience? I don't get them as often now, but when I do I start taking valtrex or acyclovir. I use the big guns baby! Of course I am not pregnant and only have to worry about putting those chemicals in my own body, but it is worth it to shorten the blister agony.

My heart goes out to you. The worst thing about having a fever blister (other than oozing open sores, intense pain and public humiliation) is not being able to kiss the hubby.


Dana Ryan said...

Fever blisters....ugghhh. My brother used to call me "Wyatt Herp" when I got them. The best part is when someone tells you there's something on your lip...
I was so sure I would have one on my wedding day, which (of course) I tried not to stress about...which stressed me out. Still not sure how I missed the Herpes Fairy that time.

Hang in there girl!


AUNY said...

I hate them! I've noticed that I get them when I get out in the sun, so I started wearing chapstick with sunblock in it every time I'm outside. That helped a lot, but sometimes I get them from opening the oven when it's really hot. I was getting them every month, so this past Feb. I actually prayed for them to go away. I've only had one since then and it wasn't bad. I HATE them!

Anonymous said...

i remember when i was a kid and had one in my reflection pictures (if you don't know what that is you're's the picture where your mom dresses you really neat and they take a picture then they put a velvet like cape around you and take a second picure facing the other one.....whatever happened to those)...but anywho that's the only time i've had one...but i do have sinus problems right now and can blow bubbles through my's weird but cool....haha miss you all much!!!! OL