Monday, January 27, 2014

This Is a Miscarriage - Day 5

Day 5 was yesterday.  I didn't post yesterday.  I was just too tired and didn't have a lot to say anyway.  If something eventful happens today, or if I just want to talk, I'll post again tonight.  If not, I might rename this post 'Days 5 & 6' or something.  Then...I'll post again tomorrow or sometime.  We'll see what this afternoon/evening holds.

As of now, there's just more cramping going on.  More bleeding, but still no heavy bleeding at all. 

Guess what else is so super fun...I'm still gaggy.  Yippeeee!  :)  You know, I always say that I think it's really kind of cruel for the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy (when you're wondering whether you are pregnant or not) to be the very same as the signs and symptoms of an impending visit from Aunt Flo. 

It's crazy...I have never cleaned off my shelf over the back of my toilet from December 4th...when we were about to find out we were pregnant.  Know what's there?  Two positive pregnancy tests (that I took on the 7th & 8th).  Wanna know what's right next to that?  A tampon.  LOL.  The scene has always made me smile for the past month and a half.  Because I had taken the tampon in there on the 4th to use.  Why?  Because I just KNEW I would need it at some point that day.  Why?  Sure did feel like I would.  The bloating, the breast tenderness, the slight achiness in my lower abdomen and back.  I was 100% positive that Aunt Flo was coming.  And then she didn't.  But all of that is still on my shelf. 

And so it is now.  "Sick Mama, healthy baby" you think and say.  And that is the positive thing to think and say.'s just not always true.  Case in

My levels of Progesterone just haven't decreased much yet.  Which makes me still have the gagging symptom.  Isn't that fun?  :/  It's also why my body seems to be 'holding on' to this pregnancy.  I'm very super thankful for the start of this natural miscarriage (there are people who wait weeks for that to start).  And I pray that everything is able to be passed.  But, I haven't really passed anything, so I'm just praying that my hormone levels go back down to normal soon...and then that I'm able to get past this process in a more speedy fashion.  Not only because it just seems to be dragging out and I don't really enjoy these bad cramps all the time.  But, also...the longer it drags out, the higher my chances are of needing a D&C.  I'm not a fan of a D&C at all.  But, I'm also not a fan of infection.  I still have some time...but, not all the time in the world or anything.  So, just pray for a sufficiently timely process.  We appreciate your prayers so much.

And the kindness continues...

As always, thank you so much for the prayers and kindness.  Yesterday a sweet, sweet lady in the community stopped by to encourage me...which she did, greatly.  She is such a strong lady...her testimony of strength would rock you to the core.  And yet she stopped by to say that my words were strengthening her.  Whoa.  I'm not sure how, but that sure was sweet and encouraging to hear.  She also brought me some Blue Bell.  Lol, she knows what's up.  Blue Bell makes everything better.  ;)  I truly appreciate her sweet, encouraging words. 

Also a dear friend's mom (who is also a dear friend to me) cooked some chicken spaghetti last night for supper.  Sent us some too.  Just so encouraging and sweet and super caring. 

All of it is just such sweet Jesus stuff.  So His hands and feet.  And we just so very much appreciate it and love you all!!  Thank you!

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