Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Granny Hough

Granny and me, the last day I was with her, last June.
My Granny, Daisy Cloteal Day Hough, is 85 years old today.  I was almost born on her birthday which, even with the 'almost' part, is an honor.  ;)  This lady is by far one of my very favorites of all people on the planet.  She's pretty amazing.  I love hearing her stories about her growing up years, her siblings, when she worked at Shady Grove, and when she worked at the brassiere factory (always makes me smile when she starts a sentence out with 'when I worked at the brassiere factory').  She never went to college like my Granddaddy (and all of her kids and grandkids), but she is an expert at plenty.  She is the best cook around, that's for sure.  She's great with kids of course.  She used to be a mean fisherwoman.  :)  (just don't get her in the water...she can't swim)  And, she is seriously *the* expert at being a granny, without a doubt!

I spent a LOT of time with her growing up...and as much time as I could after I was grown.  My mom worked part-time (and at certain times, I remember it being more like a full-time schedule) and we would ride the bus to Granny's house after school on the days Mama worked.  And, of course, would be there the whole day during the summers.  Same thing for all my little cousins (I'm the firstborn grandchild).  So, we really grew up together, me and my cousins...with Granny.  Such fun we had.  I remember LOTS of playing...she had a whole huge pile of sheets that we used each day to take a nap (everybody got a sheet), but we also used them for forts and all kinds of things.  I remember coloring and playing with play-doh a ton.  I remember watching a PBS show about drawing with her every day when I was really young...she would give me a piece of paper too and we'd watch and try to draw whatever the man showed us how to draw (he made it look really easy of course).  I also remember doing Richard Simmons with her a few times.  :)  Fun.  

I remember Schwan's ice cream and cut up apples.  Granny breaking up arguments about which we'd watch after school...Tom and Jerry or Little House on the Prairie.  Hearing her rock and sing to the baby of the family at the time as I drifted off to sleep during nap time...Rock-a-Bye-Baby or Hush Little Baby were the most popular, but she sang several like Camptown Races.  Her listening to Marty Robbins as she worked in her kitchen. 

I remember new baby cousins and watching her feed them their baby food (and 'stealing' some of their food...the Dutch Apple Dessert and Hawaiian Delight specifically)...watching Granny give little ones medicine and blowing in their face to get it to go down (lots of good tricks like that).  :)  We would play outside for hours...at the Magnolia tree mostly, but also in the sandbox and on the swing.  I remember going to Mrs. Lucille's store with her (sometimes walking there) and she would always get us Super Bubble Bubble Gum (or sometimes Dubble Bubble if they didn't have the other) or a push-up.  She loved to spend time with us, but she could most often be found in the kitchen.  Always in the kitchen, working.  

I remember one life-changing day.  My brother and I got there one morning during the summer.  I had a hankering for a hamburger.  And some purple hull peas (or black-eyed...didn't matter) with hot stuff ('hot stuff' is the best thing ever...most of you won't know what that is...someday I'll post about it).  When Granny asked me what I wanted for breakfast, I decided I'd just tell her what I actually wished for...hamburger and peas with hot stuff.  ;)  She looked at me and said, "Hamburger?  You can't have a hamburger for breakfast!"  I smiled, shrugged my shoulders, and said, "Why not?"  She stopped, thought about it for a minute, giggled a little, shrugged her shoulders too, and said, "Well, I don't know.  Why not?"  Then she went and fixed me a hamburger for breakfast...and one for herself too.  ;)  That was the first of many breakfast hamburgers we had together.  :)

My Granddaddy, a retired science teacher/basketball coach/school principle, plants a huge garden every year.  They work very well together.  They should...these high school sweethearts will have been married 66 years as of May 24th.  (Wow!!)  Granny has always been such a wonderful example of what a wife, mother, grandmother should be.  She has more patience than anyone I know...and is so loving and giving and fun to be around too...a great combo.  ;)  In fact, one of my favorite memories with her is of when we used to go shopping or on an outing of some sort 'to town.'  Granny and I would always find ourselves out on a bench, eating ice cream, people-watching.  We love to people-watch.  And the commentary was always very entertaining.  ;)  Hahaha...so fun.  Granny happens to be really hilarious.  :) 

She's had a few health struggles the past few months...in fact, she just got out of the hospital yesterday.  So, say some prayers for her...she's a little weak with not a big appetite, but is extremely happy to be home.   And I'm sure she's getting stronger by the minute.

There are way, way too many wonderful memories to list them all here (one more...she taught me how to crochet...a great skill to have).  But, I'm incredibly glad and thankful that we can make even more.  And, I'm so very thankful that my own children have gotten to know and love her.  And...I'm also so thankful that I get to see her in person again in just a couple of weeks.  Happy 85th Birthday, Granny!!  I love you!!
I love this picture of Granny...just a-laughin'.  This was taken this past Christmas.
What a cute couple...Granny and Granddaddy with my brother, Tucker.  Taken June 2011.

Like I said, they make a great team.  And they are always in the kitchen.  My grandparents.

Granny telling us goodbye as we left last June.

And now, as a big gift from Granny Hough to you, I am going to let you in on a little secret magic.  For as long as I can remember, this has been one of my very favorite things in the world...a Granny Hough PB&J sandwich.
Watch and learn, people. Watch and learn. This is your 'backstage pass' at watching the pro...do this and you will come close (because only she can make the BEST after all) to having the best PB&J sandwich ever. First, you mix the peanut butter and jelly IN A BOWL together. That's right. Mix them together.

Then and only then can you spread it on the bread.

Look at that concentration. That is an expert at work. ;)

I LOVE this picture. Grandkids can you hear her? "Here you go." (picture snapped when she was saying 'you')

In this picture, she really looks like Granny Day, her mother, to me.

:)  Love.

Love my Granny.

Seriously a little slice of heaven in my mouth right there. :)

Granny Hough and her groom.  Such a cute picture.  Happy Birthday, Granny!!  We love you!!

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