Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grady's 8th Birthday Party - January 2012 (Part 1)

This super handsome boy was 8 years old on January 3rd.  That was on a Tuesday, so we just had a special breakfast and special supper and outing with him that day, party to follow.  It was fun celebrating our sweet, thoughtful, funny, spectacular son.

Birthday breakfast...chocolate pancakes as requested.

The birthday him!

Pensive birthday boy.  ;)

Content birthday boy.  ;)

"Mama, stop taking pictures" birthday boy.  Haha.

The kiddos..."Where are we going for supper?"

His special birthday dinner.

Even ice cream.

Daddy being silly with the ice cream.  :)

Grady enjoying the show.

There was another surprise after the birthday dinner...the carnival!!

They were pretty excited.

Waiting, dreaming, and planning their ride strategy.

Little Miss Priss.

Finally on a ride.  BUMPER CARS!

My driver.

So much fun was had on the bumper cars!

Time for the carousel.

The whole fam.

Can you see Cass?  ;)

We have some fun and silly people in our family.  :)

Living in Brazil, life is a little less regulated, i.e. standing up on the horse. 

Some relaxation.

Of course she has to do it too...a little hard to get her shorter legs up there though.  ;)

Persistence.  ;)

Hadley was super excited to ride this and hopped in a car by herself.  Grady was was Joel.  They rode together.

It went super fast and turned up on its side...kind of like a ferris wheel going 100mph.  ;)

Hadley was just a'hootin' and a'hollerin' and laughing the whole time.  She's such a little daredevil.

Then it was off to a game.


And then the scary ferris wheel...scary for me anyway.  ;)  It was like a combination ferris wheel/tilt-o-whirl could spin yourself.  Aaaaaah!  Haha.

The kids loved it.

No seat belts, no restraints of any kind...and it went fast and high, and spun fast.  Haha...gotta love Brazil.

Look at my death grip.  Hahaha.  The kids are all laughs.  I was laughing too...nervous laughter.  :)

The kids had a ball playing with each other on that ride.

Look at their was pretty fast.  :)

And the last ride of the night...the worm.

The worm was fun.  ;)


And this is the carnival director...he's been traveling with carnivals for over 60 years!

Grady's birthday was a really fun day.  About a week later we had a party with some of his friends.  I'll post about that next time.  So glad you had a fun 8th birthday, Grady Lester.  We love you!

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