Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eissa's 5th Birthday Party - October 2011 (Part 1)

In October, we had a fun birthday party for Eissa Rose who turned 5.  The party was on the 9th...her birthday is on the 10th.  Because she is an aspiring cowgirl, of course that was the theme.  She has already announced that this year was a cowgirl party, next birthday party will be a horse party.  ;)  One track mind these days.  Haha.  Who knows what God will do with those cowgirl dreams.  Love it.  Enjoy the pictures.

Off to pass out invitations to the neighbor kids.

These invitations.  ;)

Haha...I love this progession of shots.  They're funny.

Being fun.

On a mission.

Ready for the party.

Friends arriving.

I love printers and laminators.  ;)

Games were started as people arrived.

Friends here to celebrate Miss Eissa Rose with us.

Roping the horse.

Daniel's turn.

The birthday cowgirl.

Grady's turn.




Cowgirl Cass' turn.

Love this.


Matteo!!  :)


:)  Cute.

Games were done and everyone got a name badge.

Then it was time for the BIG surprise.  :)

Horse rides!!

:)  So excited.

Excited Cass asking all kind of questions.  ;)

Luis Felipe having fun with Tia Salma.

So fun!

YAY!!  On a horse again!!!!

Abster's turn.

More friends arriving...missionaries with Asas from Columbia.

Haddie's turn.

And Cassle having a go.

After everyone had a turn, the birthday girl went one more time.

Love this shot.

Grady and his good friend Michael.

Cake time.

Happy Birthday to you!!
More to come!!


Jeyson and Stephanie Braun said...

I love the way the captions helped make things more lined up on your blog! Who is that HUGE pregnant girl? Glad she's not hanging around anymore :) Adorable as always...see you on Thursday!

Petra Gercilia said...

Awesome birthday party.

benilhalk said...

Just loving all these cute clicks of kids in enjoyable mode. Not at all worried about the catering and event space I have hired for my daughter's birthday next week. Have booked one of the tried and tested Venues in San Francisco along with exotic dinner. Pink step fondant cake will be the special surprise for my little one. Hope everything goes according to our plans.