Monday, May 14, 2012

Eissa's 5th Birthday Party - October 2011 (Part 2)

We had a great 5th birthday party for Eissa Rose a few months ago.  If you haven't seen the 'Part 1' to this, be sure to scroll down and see all of the many other pictures.  Now for 'Part 2.'

Blow out the candle.

The fam...and some big brother action.  ;)

Cake and presents.

Earrings from Carol.

And more presents with some curious little girls nearby.  :)

Yes, I posted all of these...because look at the cute little things like Cass right there on her sister's arm, trying to sneak a peek.  :)

Now that's a big kiss.

Off to open the other presents.

Placing them *just so* on the chair.  :)

Ballerina Barbie from us.

Still studying it.  :)

Ohp!, who's here?

It's Tio ('Uncle') Marcelo, and Eissa was doing a little kisses.

Still enjoying the horse.

Love this one.  Ha...great laugh.

A little conversatin'.

And I think a little more teasin' too.  ;)

Hmm, where's he going?

I love the difference in personalities this shows...Cass with the "let's go look" action and Eissa with the reserved patience.

Oh my goodness!


A new bike for Eissa!!

And again...Eissa so excited, but very reserved...Cass already hopped up on the bicycle.  :)

High five, you got a bike!  ;)

And just like a good uncle, he brought something for the others...a nice water gun.

Lookin' good.

Emily with little Mariana.

Getting some good play in with their new toys.

It started raining, so we had to take the party inside...Madison was a pro at the 'stick the brand on the bull' game.  :)

Grady's turn...he entertained everyone.

The rain came and went and it was back outside for more of the new bicycle.

She loves it!!

Helping Cass tie her bow on her dress.

A few adjustments.

And she's off again.

And what happens... the bike...

...that was Hadley's...

...and then Eissa's?

"Daddy says this is my bike now!!!!"

Great birthday party for Eissa.  We love you Eissa Rose!

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