Thursday, May 24, 2007

We're In Boston

Just a quick post to let you all know that we are now in Boston.

We left Saline last Tuesday, the 15th. We got to Oregon on Wednesday night. We stayed there and had a great time with Joel's aunt and uncle, Nilza and Onildo until Monday afternoon. We flew all night Monday night and arrived in Boston safe and sound (and anyway...not possible to sleep on a plane holding a baby) on Tuesday morning.

Happenings since I last posted:
--I turned 33!
--Asa had her first cheerio, which she wasn't into at all actually.
--The kids visited the Pacific Ocean for the first time.
--Joel shot machine guns for the first time.
--We attended Danny Robinson's wedding to Liz Lewis.
--We met Paul and Kamerin Williams' really cute baby, Beniah.
--We saw Mat Beck again...haven't seen him in years.
--We barely saw Grady. Joel's little 1st cousin, Lukas (age 6) had a little shadow all week long (Grady). Lukas was so sweet to Grady and very patient. Grady thoroughly enjoyed himself.

I tried to post some pictures, but I keep losing internet service randomly. So, I will post them whenever I have a better signal. By the way, we post pictures by months on our website, and in case I haven't told you yet, you can see pictures of March on our website now:

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