Friday, May 04, 2007

It's Official

Asa is definitely crawling!

Probably about 5 weeks ago now, she started the thing where they rock back and forth on their hands and knees. Immediately after she started that, she started trying to go from that position to sitting up, even though she couldn’t even sit up on her own at all (even when I placed her in the sitting up position…she would fall over). About 2 weeks ago, she actually started being able to sit up when placed in the sitting position...and then started being able to sit up from the hands and knees position. Also the past couple of weeks, she’s really been moving…not crawling, just scooting and such. Well…

Yesterday was the day…she just up and crawled about 20 feet at one time!! It’s so crazy how when they decide to do something, they really do it. :)

Also, the past week or so she has been pulling up in her crib (and other places too of course). First it was only to her knees, then suddenly to a standing position, that little smarty pants. Well, last night I actually moved her into the pack-n-play so we could get some sleep. She will wake up, abruptly get up in her standing position (when she used to just go back to sleep, esp. if we gave her a pacifier…maybe she’s just excited to be able to get up, I don’t know), and then get stuck there I guess. Whatever…to the pack-n-play she went…she can’t pull up on the sides of that.

Another happening…she got her 3rd tooth this past week…the top front right tooth.

Anywho, she’s had a very busy few weeks. She’s really growing up…it’s crazy. She’ll be 7 months old on the 10th. She’s really fun and the kids are really starting to enjoy playing with her more and more. Fun fun stuff.

Sorry I've been a little delinquent in my blogging lately. So, you get the bonus of an extra post today. Keep reading and you will see one of the reasons why I haven't posted lately.


Granny said...

So much personality! She is truly a doll! I'm trying not to be selfish but she won't know me while in Brazil. I know this is necessary though.

Ali Elam said...

Love the pics of Asa Rose! Can't believe she crawling! How fun!