Friday, May 11, 2007

Busy Busy

Just a quick post to keep you all up to date. We are just wrapping things up here in Saline. If I had more time I would post a lot of pictures of this week. We've done alot.

--We went to 2 crawfish boils last weekend, so Joel got a tood taste of Louisiana. Mmmm!
--I had a 15-yr. high school class reunion.
--Joel spoke at 2 churches.
--We went swimming for the first time on Monday. That was Asa's first swim ever (except at birth I guess) :)...SO FUN! We spent 4 hours at the lake and I was loving it!!
--We went to Tucker's first softball game of the season.
--ALL DAY Tuesday and Wednesday were spent at doctors' appointments and getting shots. We still have more of that to go next week.
--Joel spoke at the Senior Banquet last night...he did a great job.
--We've met up with lots of people the last few days to say our goodbyes to them. Today my great uncle and his son are driving from Baton Rouge to have lunch with us and visit with us for the day, then they are driving back this afternoon.

My brother (Jared) is also coming in for the weekend, our last weekend here in Saline. We will be having Mama's fried shrimp tonight for supper. Then tomorrow we will be at the lake. We are having a last little lake party/fish fry with the whole family. Sunday everyone is going to church with us at Carolina. We will be prayed for and sent out. Then we'll go out to eat for Mother's Day. Gillian's graduation is that night and everyone will go over to her house after graduation. Monday morning we will go eat breakfast with Jared before he heads out and then we will head out too.

Not sure when we will be able to actually finish up laundry and our packing. :) Minor detail. But, it'll all work out. It's been a fun week and we plan to have a great weekend.

We leave Monday to go to Kilgore/Longview for more doctors' appointments and more shots on Monday and Tuesday. Then, we fly out to Oregon on Wednesday to go to a friend's wedding. We will be in Oregon until Monday, the 21st...then we fly to Boston to spend about 3 weeks with Joel's family. Then off to Brazil June 12th.

I'm not sure how much posting I will be able to do, esp. in the next week or so. I'm sure things will probably slow down a little bit once we get to Boston. But, just keep us in your prayers. There's a lot going on. And, goodbyes are never easy...but when people know that they aren't going to see you for 3 years, it makes it tougher, esp. thinking about not seeing the kids for 3 years. Thank God for His abundant grace and peace that He provides in all things.

For new pictures (from March), go to our website. We will try to have the April pictures up soon too. But here are a couple from Monday just so you can see the kiddos. Enjoy.


kris said...

we can't wait to see you!

Pam said...

Good byes aren't fun to family (and your lake) however we can't wait to have you in our 'neck of the woods'. We do have an ocean for your enjoyment, a cold ocean with beautiful views.
I believe I'll get off so you and joel can go to NYC June 6,7 and 8th.
Come on over, I have need to see you and my GRANDchildren again