Friday, May 25, 2007

Oregon Pictures

Like I said, we had such a great time in Oregon. We loved hanging out with Onildo and Nilza and their family. They are such a fun family. Onildo is probably the funniest person I've ever met. They have 4 children: Renatto (18), Andre (13), Anna (9), and Lukas (6). Nilza homeschools (Renatto started attending a private Christian school when he was a sophomore), so I got some great advice and counsel concerning homeschooling. We just had a great time.

Here are LOTS of pictures to show you all about it. Enjoy.

Asa with her first Cheerio in her mouth...not a fan yet.

My special day...the 17th was my birthday. Aunt Nilza made me a big special meal (super yummy salmon and lots of great sides) and got me a cake, balloon, and rose. I even had a special plate. It was a great birthday.

This picture cracks me up. I have no idea what I was laughing at, but it is just funny to me. (side note: it is a 3 with a question mark beside it on the cake, not "39)
This is the Brito's house. Onildo built it himself. It is beautiful.

Some shots of Asa outside.

A crooked little smile.

Hadley, Grady, and Lukas.

Anna is in gymnastics and was showing us some of her moves. Joel, Andre, and Anna had a whole gymnastics session out there on the grass doing round-offs, cartwheels, walking on their hands, standing on their heads, etc.

I like this shot of Hadley walking away with her hands behind her back.

Andre's awesome jump out of the swing.

We had already eaten some of the cake after lunch, but the kids had already gone to take naps. So, that night we all had some. Hadley helped me blow the candles out.
Grady's new best friend (one of many), Lukas.

Renatto (pronounced Hen-ot-to) decided to run track this year for the first time, his senior year. He made it to state in the 100m dash and the long jump. We went to see him run.

After Renatto's race we went to the ocean. It was really pretty, but pretty cold. Asa was miserable, so we took a few pictures and then went and hung out in the van while everyone else played.

Hadley would get down on her hands and knees and lick the shore like a lollilop...such a weirdo. :) She liked it. Is she missing some kind of minerals from her diet or something? :)
I love this picture of Onildo and Nilza. Nilza was born and raised in Brazil. She married a Brazilian, Onildo. They've been in the states for about 22 years now.

This picture of Asa cracks me up.

This is the nice posed shot.

The Joel Ebersole family on the Pacific Coast.
Saturday Joel went and shot machine guns for Danny Robinson's bachelor party. They had a lot of fun.
Me and Hadley at Danny's wedding on Sunday.
The ceremony. They said it was a typical outside Oregon wedding...umbrellas and all.
Mat Beck (friend from LeTourneau), Danny, Joel, and Asa.
Joel and me with the happy newly married couple, Danny and Liz.

Paul, Kamerin, and Beniah Williams. Our great adoptive "family" in Longview, Ernie and Trudy...this is their son and his family. They actually live nearby in Oregon now.

Grady and Lukas happened to have the same exact coloring book, so they enjoyed coloring the same pictures at the same time.

Onildo feeing Asa.

Nilza gives her kids piano lessons. Hadley was helping Anna practice her piano our last day there.

We had such a great time!! Thank you, Brito's!!!!


Life en la Casa de Lidia! said...

Great pictures Michawn! I love the one of you and both look so pretty. And Congratulations to Danny...I am so happy for him. This girl must be very special!
Your kids are getting SO big...I am amazed at how much older they look :) Time goes by so fast! and Hadley is still eating dirt or I guess sand in this case. Rebekah is like that too...something about dirt that is addictive, huh?! :)
Hey, thanks for the pictures I got in the mail :) You are awesome!
and one more thing...
HAPPY B-DAY!!! I love you Michawn. We continue to pray for you guys!

Stephanie said...

well crap! Am I a good friend or what? I totally forgot your birthday. Im sorry. looks like you had fun. did i tell you ginny got engaged?