Saturday, November 04, 2006

Acne Is Never Good

No matter what your age.

Asa Rose has baby acne. So sad. Of course it doesn't bother her...and she's still beautiful. ;) But, you looks pretty bad. It's on her cheeks and a little on her forehead. Then this morning I found 2 whiteheads on her little chest. There really is no treatment for it. We just have to wait it out. They say that it could come and go for a few months. We are praying it just goes. Thankfully Grady and Hadley never had it...not that I remember anyway.

She's still so much fun of course, blemishes and all. A couple of days ago she started kind of talking a know, a coo every now and then. It might be completely involuntarily, but it doesn't seem to be. She does it in responses to my talking to her and corresponds her cooing with smiling. She's growing up. :) She was 3 weeks old on Tuesday. She started cooing the same day that I saw Grady put on his own shoes and socks for the first time. I was like, "Oh my gosh...he's growing up." Yep, time marches on.

Read a cute little article about baby acne this morning. Here is the link if you want to see it:


Anonymous said...

joss has baby acne too...not as bad as alexa had it though. alexa's just went away one day.
blame it on the ebersole's....pam said all her kids had it!

steph said...

glad asa is doing well even with the acne.

Ali Elam said...

We've got the baby acne in our house too! Coleman had it really bad starting at 2 weeks till about 5 weeks! I used a warm wash cloth on his face every evening...not sure if it helped but I felt like it did! Ava Grace's acne just started up on her checks! I hope its not as bad as Coleman's!

Mum said...

Danny had a rash so bad strangers sometimes asked what he had. I never heard of baby acne till now. Babies often have a few little whiteheads that I was told is due to hormones. However Danny had a rash that appeared when he was a few weeks old and suddenly left when he was 2 1/2 months old. His skin became asperfect as could be with no hint of the rash