Monday, November 13, 2006

Packing Up

Well, here we go again. It seems like my life is just one packing day after another these days. Not only are we basically gypsies right now, add to that having a new baby and a season change and there's a ton more packing and unpacking of new sizes and seasonal clothing. Whew...I hope to get a break soon. :) Packing isn't my favorite, esp. now after months of it.

An update is that we are moving to Saline. That was the plan when we moved here to move to Saline after the baby came. Well, then several different things happened and Joel wasn't too sure about a job there, etc. We just weren't sure if that was where we were supposed to be. But, after lots of prayer, we felt like that was where God would have us be.

So we are headed to Saline tomorrow. We will be there for 10 days for sure. We will be living in the house we lived in during the summer when we were there...the one on the lake. That house was actually occupied until this past spring...the owners of that house are now deceased. All of their belongings were still in the house during the summer when we were there. Our friends, the son and daughter-in-law of the owners of this house, are now busy cleaning out all of their belongings. Depending on where they are with all of that, we will either move all of our stuff that will already be packed up over the week of Thanksgiving...or we will come back to Kilgore for a couple of weeks and move around the 2nd week of December. Either way, we are moving.

Joel will be working part-time at Northwestern State University as a flight instructor while we are there. He's really excited about getting back into instructing and flying on a regular basis...and the mission field that he will have there at that university. Hopefully I will have a chance to settle down a little...set up house, not pack and unpack for a while, really spend time with our kiddos.

The kids are doing great by the way. Asa is growing like a weed, her acne is much better although still not completely gone, and she is cooing tons this morning.

Better go...tons to do.


AUNY said...

I understand about packing. I cannot imagine having three kids to pack for!

steph said...

I hear that you ran into one of my old grade school friends, tana. It sure is a small world!