Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Big Fat Lie

We don't mean to be liars, but our lives are just so unpredictable. I know that sometimes we seem really flakey and wishy-washy, but we really aren't. We just don't know our plans from day-to-day, week-to-week, etc. We are just in a season right now where no plans are set. I know that for the people in Longview, this has been the longest goodbye ever...basically since last February. :)

Turns out, we aren't going to Saline today. There was some schedule conflicts with the house we are going to be staying in. So, we will wait until later in the week to go.

Even before we were in this kind of season where our lives are so completely unpredictable, Joel always said that we write our plans in pencil and let God have the eraser.

See you in Saline...whenever.

1 comment:

Ali Elam said...

I admire you and Joel's flexiblity to God's plans! No better place to be! :)