Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What Do You Do While You Wait?

(written as if speaking to a male, but obviously applies to both male and female)

Ohhh, rest in the Lord!!

My heart is heavy for you...and expectant and so very excited for what God has for you. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. I can't wait until you meet her. Can't wait until you see just how amazing one person can be...and just how perfectly God can match you with someone...and just how incredibly smitten with someone you can be.

It's all SO VERY exciting.

Even just to think about...imagine when it is actually happening in real life.

I use the word 'wait' in the title, but I know that you aren't waiting. You are busy. Busy doing the things of God. Busy living life.

You aren't 'waiting' in the sense of pining away...loooonnnnnnggggggiiiiinnnnnggggglllllyyyy trying to be patient for your mate. No...I know you aren't like that. But, you are in the process of waiting since it hasn't yet happened, right? That part of your life has not yet come, that's all. You are fine with that though. You don't suspect it will happen for another few years anyway.

But, what to do during those few years?

Please...I beg you...don't.

Don't do it.

Don't give in.

You've always been so diligent, so focused, so amazing.

Don't slip. Don't compromise. Don't buy into what the world wants to whisper (or scream) in your ear. Don't let them wear you down.

Imagine how she is waiting for you. No, she's not pining away either (she's busy about her Father's business too), but she is reserving herself...all of her...for you. Her eyes are SET on Jesus...until Jesus nods your way and helps her to see you.

She is reserving her thoughts and her playful flirting for you alone. She is reserving her late-night talks of deep intimate things for just you. She is reserving all her compliments and head-over-heels-ness just for you. It's only for you.



Keep yourself too. The world would say that it's no big deal to date...to look...to play. Even the church says that.


Of the things that would come and try to steal away from you the overwhelmingly incredible joy that can be yours in guarding all that you are for just one.

She is doing it for you.

I know it's exciting to think about...exciting to talk about...exciting to date or think of the prospect of dating. But, not nearly as exciting as waiting...not nearly as exciting as your first date ever...your first date with your future spouse.

You believe God for all things supernatural...believe Him for this too. Don't only believe Him for it, but know that this is the best way. Two people, waiting on God's perfect timing, hearts completely intact and preserved...just the way God adores for it to happen. What joy and blessing...complete contentment and sheer satisfaction like you've never known. Ahhh.

Please don't become contaminated by the world's/the worldly Christian's way of doing things. Don't fall victim to the mindset that says it's no big deal. Save all of you for her. You are her present that only she should be able to unwrap. Don't re-gift. Re-wrapping is not possible.

Guard your heart. Guard your mind. Guard your speech. Guard your actions.

She is SO worth it.


O.M.G. said...

if there's one thing worth praying for...it's a Godly spouse...especially if it's for your own little girl!

i'm so glad i found my not-perfect-but-perfect-for-me husband!

and i couldn't be happier that my parents are also thrilled with the man i have chosen. that is how it should be. after growing up with a mom who remarried several times (3 so far!)...it's such a relief to know that my life doesn't have to be like that.

oh, the joys you have before you as a mom!
this is why i love the internet so much...watching families grow is so neat. :)

miss mary said...

Michawn, i definitely need to show this to Brooke. Sometimes she feels "left out". I keep telling her to wait...it will happen at the right time. Looking forward to seeing you in Saline!!!