Friday, November 27, 2009

Culture Shock

Lots of people talk about how when they re-enter their country of origin after a period of time away, they experience culture shock all over again. It's true.

Let me tell you my experience in the past couple of days...



Chic-Fil-A...twice in one day! ;)


The thickest toilet paper you've ever felt. (i'm trying to remember to put it in the toilet instead of the trash)

Paper plates that don't crumple when you put something on them.

Such diversity in the way people look and dress. (i'm trying not to stare)

Napkins that actually absorb and wipe instead of just smear the food over your face (big ole smile on my face right now about my beloved Brazilian wax napkins).


Hot water at the sink.

A dryer.

A comfortable mattress.

Warm, cozy houses.

A bathtub!!!!!!!!!

Christmas music everywhere you go.



The hussle and bussle of Christmas time (that doesn't happen in Brazil).

Options, options, options...for anything and everything you could possibly ever want.

And of course...FAMILY!!

We had a day full of family and fun and the best foods ever yesterday at a gorgeous cozy house decked out in holiday cheer that sits right on the ocean.

Not that I don't miss my Brazilian family and friends...and some of the things of Brazil (I love you all there!)...

But, let me just tell you...

This is the best kind of culture shock there is!!!! I am LOVING (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) this culture shock. And, I have almost 8 months more of it to glory in! And glory I will.

O.K., here I to glory!! (in Black Friday to be specific)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!


Amy said...

We do have it pretty good here in America, don't we?! Enjoy!

Amanda said...

Lol! You are funny. Not that anything you said isn't true or great about both just made me laugh. I'm glad you are back and adjusting quickly!!! Hope to see you soon. (Sent you an email!)

Wendy said...

Glad you had a safe trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving day! ENJOY and live it up sister :)

Kelley said...

So glad that you're having a great time! I'm so excited for you. Just remember...if in a few weeks you find yourself bawling in the middle of the cereal aisle because you can't decide which of the 135 choices to buy, or if you panic because you can't remember how to pump your own gas or write a check...that is so normal. By the time you return to Brazil you will be looking forward to the cheap steak and skinny/friendly people:-) BTW...I've been here 3 months and still haven't attempted to pump my own gas. ha.

Haley Frederick said...

Enjoy every single second!

brian said...

yeah.... but what about the GUARANA!!!! I agree though, nothing like the good ol USA. Your post brought back mission trip memories!!! good times.