Sunday, November 22, 2009


A while back, some little friends of ours were talking to Grady and Hadley about a sleepover. The kids were actually coming up with lots of ideas, not just the sleepover. ;) After that, the adults really did make some plans...going out for pizza together. Grady then started calling it our 'pizzaover.'

So, yeah...Thanksgiving has somehow become 'Thanksover.' :) So cute. And hey...whatever.

But, we will be there in the land of pilgrims and turkeys this year.

Yep, tomorrow morning we leave our house. For 8 months.

Right now, I'm not liking the idea. Makes me sad. I didn't get to say goodbye to some of my neighbors and friends. And it's just hard to put your life on hold in one area to go live it up in the next area. Such a weird life.

Not that I don't want to go to the United States. But, I am definitely up for going more often for a shorter amount of time. I'm all for 4 months every year and a half. Can I get an 'Amen!'? Seriously, we may have to work something out.

So, even though it's hard to make the break from this life, I am so excited to experience some America again in about a day and a half (we arrive around noon on Tuesday). I mean, once I get my mouth on some bagels or doughnuts or Starbuck's or Mexican food...once I see family and friends and hear English non-stop...once I see orderly parking lots and huge one-stop-shopping stores (Target...hold on...I'm coming for you), once we're all sitting with Mama at a Saline Bobcats basketball game watching my little brother play (and Daddy coach)...when I'm sitting watching my little brother graduate high school...I'm sure my mixed emotions will ease (hmm, they already have just thinking about those last two). But, transitioning is just...interesting. Hard, fun, exciting...hard. excited about spending the holidays there. And introducing my kids to so many things that they've never even experienced. And us all re-experiencing some things that we haven't had/done in a while.

So...pray for us. Pray that we get everything done and situated tonight...leaving your house for 8 months takes a lot out of you planning-wise. Pray for safe travel. And Grady came out a few minutes ago saying that he was excited to go to the United States, but he was "a lil bit scared." I asked him what about and he said getting lost in the airport. ;) So, pray that nothing gets lost...luggage, backpacks/strollers, and...people. ;) (seriously) Pray for health as we go. Cass has a little cold already, so pray that that doesn't bother her and that she recovers quickly (like right now). ;) Pray for just smooth sailing...with connections, our attitudes (the kids and me...we know Joel is perfect), for wisdom in every situation that arises, etc.

We have a morning flight out to Sao Paulo in the morning around 10. But then...ugh...we have a 12 hour (!!) layover in Sao Paulo. Yes, that's right. 12 hours. With 4 small children. Who wants to do that even if you're single and have tons of books and magazines and movies onhand?! :) So, we are possibly going to meet up with some friends of Joel's. Or go get a hotel room for the afternoon...our flight out of Sao Paulo leaves at around midnight. There's great potential for a fun little few hours there...just pray that it happens, because there is also great potential for the opposite in a situation like that. ;)

We head to Miami after that, then on to Boston to be with Joel's family for a few weeks. I'll keep you posted and let you know how our trip up was.

Until then, some of you got this in the form of an email. But, for those of you who didn't, I just wanted to share it with you too. Enjoy. (be sure to turn your volume on)

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Nena said...

I can't wait!!!! Tell Grady not to worry about getting lost. He will be with all the family all the time. And in three weeks I'll be waiting at the airport for him and his whole family.


Alice said...

Michawn, I prayed through every one of those things on your list just now (and a few extra! ;) ) and will keep praying! Have a GREAT trip, and update asap! I think you will have a great 8 months! xx