Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Struggle

I just don't even know what to write really. Sure, there have been time constraints and internet dependability problems since we got here to our U.S. home base in Saline, Louisiana. But, mostly my lack of posting is due to a lack of knowing what to write.

And that's still the case...I'm sitting here even now trying to decide what to say exactly.

Not that nothing is going on. Not that I don't have a million jillion feelings and observations to note. But, those things all pale in comparison to the struggle.

I'm not going to even go into the specifics of it all. But, last night I felt a huge urging to go see if Katie had posted something recently. I just read this on her blog. Oh how I can relate. You really must read it. I'm sure at some level we can all relate.

"It's too much." "This isn't working." "I'm not going to do this." These have been my mantras the past few days.

Again, not going to take the time for specifics. But, just know that there is a deep struggle going on. Many questions and no answers. Many 'dynamics' without resolution.

Clarity will come. Peace is on its way.

But the struggle (with so many components) is in full swing. Please pray for us.


Wendy said...

I will be lifting you up as I am enduring some dark days myself. Just know that HE is your strength and is right there with you. Loved Katie's post and have been there many times. Her stories really speak to my heart.

Praying for your sweet family!

Us said...

Wow again on Katie's blog. Sometimes I avoid it, b/c it is so heavy. I will pray for you.

Amanda said...

Praying. We love you guys.

Ali said...

We just went through puke fest 2010...hoping we are done for this round!

Thanks for the link to her blog!

I'm glad you guys are in the states! Hope to see you when you swing through!

~ Ali