Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Kids' 1st Snow!!

First of all, we had a great time in NYC this past weekend. Thank you to all of our friends and family for their special gifts that made it possible.

If you didn't follow on Facebook, I'll be posting pics and telling all about it at some point on here I'm sure. I'd mentioned to a couple of people that it was the first time me and Joel had been away somewhere completely childless since before Grady was born (six years ago!!). I'd forgotten about when we went to Brazil to check out Asas de Socorro. But, given that that trip was 7am-10pm interviews for the duration of the trip, it definitely doesn't count as a restful romantic getaway. Besides, I was 8 months pregnant, technically it wasn't a 'childless' trip either. ;) was great to get away just the two of us. Such a great city and so much fun. I'll tell you all about it another time.

One other area of 'business' before some pictures...some of you have asked where to send a Christmas card this year. Here you go:

P.O. Box 42
Saline, LA 71070


It snowed in this region last weekend. Well, sounds like it snowed basically all over the country last week sometime...our friends and family in Texas and Louisiana got a good bit themselves. We got some in NYC, but it didn't stick. Here in the Boston area though, there were a few inches hanging around for us when we got back.

We weren't here with the kids when it arrived. Joel's sister said that Grady kept insisting (as the snow was falling) that it was Christmas time, they had to put up the Christmas tree!! ;) Cute.

I was so glad that we were able to still play with them in the snow before it all disappeared.

We started out with some snowball throwing, then a snowman, and lastly, snow angels. Even though it was sunny out, our kids didn't have on double layers on their bottom half, so they were pretty miserable by the end of our time outside (I was completely comfortable with double layers, so it wasn't too terribly cold). And Hadley is a bit like her Mama...she kept saying how cold she was and asking if she could go in (her hands esp. bothered her...and no, she wasn't just mimicking me...I was playing and not complaining about the cold for once).

It was their first snow ever...good times.

Run, Grady!
I love Cass' face in this one.
Poor Eissa being consoled by her mean Daddy. Kidding. Joel had accidentally surprised her with a cold ball in the face...very lightly though. The tears were about hurt feelings, not a hurt face. Poor baby.
My turn!!
Going after Grady.
Watch out, Hadley!

Grady getting me.
So threatening, right?

Now it's time to make a snowman. Following Daddy's lead.

A great Cass face again.

Grady making the head.
Telling me all about it.

Some eyes. Grady really worked hard on the snowman...was totally into it. And came up with great ideas for what he should look like and what he needed.
Eissa was cracking me up...totally refused to turn around for the picture. ;)
The country version. ;) Gotta love John Deere.
Eissa getting ready to make her snow angel. She wasn't impressed I must say. She had already reached her snow limit at this point. ;)

Grady's pretty impressed with Daddy's snow angel. And Eissa is saying she's cold. ;) Oh how God has made this family for the tropical climate! :) P.S. Eissa really did enjoy it, even though my pictures only really captured her non-enjoying times. ;)

Running from the camera.

Hiding behind the snowman.
The snow family (note the more classic hat for the snowman that Mrs. Pam came out and gave to us from Mr. Ken's stash). ;)

So thankful that we got to experience snow with our kiddos after all. We'd prayed for that, hadn't we?


Amy said...

Fun pictures! I am the wuss that doesn't like to play in the snow. Daddy always has to take the girls out to play. Our girls just want to eat it though!

I like the Christmas blog theme - nice!


Us said...

Aww So exciting! I haven't seen that much real powdery nice snow in a LONG time!!! Beautiful family picture!

Wesliany said...

Oi Michawn e ai tudo bem?
nossa que saudade de vcs, me emocionei ao ver as fotos como as crinças estão lindas! sentimos muito a falta de vcs! mande noticias e mande um abraço a todos, diga as crianças que mandei um beijo!FELIZ ANO NOVO!bjs

Neto said...

That´s amazing pictures
We miss you so much
Come back soon as possible to Brazil
I would to be there but I can´t
Bring to me a snow ball, ok? hahaha
See you