Thursday, July 02, 2009

Snippets of My Day

Woke up to hear Hadley and Eissa eating breakfast with Joel.

Moments later, those same girls were snuggling up with me in on each side.

We snuggled a bit and then heard little Miss Cass rising and shining.

Out of bed and readying for the day while the girls played with Cass in her crib...many, many deep belly giggles being heard.

Grady up (he slept in a bit today...super rare) and in to get Cass out of her crib for me (he just started that with Cass...he used to do it for Eissa too).

Changing diapers of the younger two while Grady eats breakfast and getting Cass dressed.

Girls playing while I hang diapers (as I do every single morning...we use bumGenius).

Grady dressing while I start Cass on her breakfast and help Eissa get dressed and fix hair.

Eliane arrives and Grady and I are out the door to soccer class.

Special only-Mama-and-Grady day, so we stop by the bakery on our way for a little something.

Come *this close* to getting pulled over at a random police checkpoint (they sometimes just make checkpoints in the middle of the road just for kicks).

After expressing relief that I didn't get pulled over since I don't have a license here yet (paperwork issues) and saying that that scared me a little bit, listening to my awesome son quote 2 Tim. 1:7 to me. ;) Ha ha ha. For the full effect of that snippet, read two posts down.

Grady at soccer class. Me reading my Bible for Bible study in the bleachers.

Loving watching my boy excited about playing with his friends and learning something new. And, also watching the epitome of a cute little human roly poly named Danilo...who, by the way, is the best little player out there. ;)

A little gift shopping downtown (walking distance from soccer class) for a friend after soccer class along with picking up something we were getting framed.

Another little treat for my little date with my boy...quick stop on the corner...sharing a churro (and right before lunch too...gasp).

Home to lunch.

After lunch listening to Hadley singing her version of "Your name is like honey on my lips, etc." Hadley: "Your word is like bees on my lips." ;)

While sitting on the floor, Cass walks over to me and rubs my back for a long time while singing sweetly.

Playing Catch-the-Match with Hadley.

Diaper changes for the 2 littles and then down for naps.

Ahh. Normally this would be where I hang more clothes on the line and then start homeschooling Grady and Hadley, but this is Bible study day, so instead I make a cake and straighten the house.

Bible study.

Straighten house again.

Get kids ready and diaper changes again.

Getting myself ready and Hadley coming in to proudly tell me that she'd cleaned the living room/play area all by herself..."Come see, Mama."

Out the door to a special thingy at Asas.


Make diapers (as in assemble the cloth diapers).

Showers (I shower myself and then run the girls through the shower one by one).

Clean bathrooms.

Put in the daily load of, you guessed it, diapers. ;)

Kisses and hugs and love you's goodnight to the older 3.

Dress Cass and snuggle and rock her and put her down.

Clean bedroom.

Sort clean laundry.

Sit on the couch and eat a bowl of Corn Flakes as I finish (finally) typing this blog post out. ;)


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Us said...

Yum Cornflakes!!! Cereal is my supper most nights when Derek is I will have to pick up a box!!! Fun to read about your day!