Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lookee Who's Here

There are so many posts I want to do about so many things. But, I don't know...I'm thinking from now until all my children leave home, I probably won't ever have time to do daily posts again. ;) That daily post thing ended about a year ago. It ain't coming back.

So, since there's so much to say, I'm just going to do some bullets here...all random and not really relating to each other...but all important.

**We found out a couple of weeks or so ago that we are going to be staying in this city in Brazil at least until December 2011. WOOHOO!! We really feel settled here and are excited about the things that are going on here.

**We went the other day to talk to the appropriate peeps about adoption. So, we got the list of documentation that they need and will be starting the process as soon as we get all of that together. Of course, with our furlough (again, because someone always asks...yes, we just went to the states this past winter, but it was only for 2 months and was only to see my mom because we were on break from Asas anyway...she even paid our it was by no means a furlough in which we go around visiting all of our family, friends, and supporters and such...just to clear it up for you) coming up this winter and visitors here at our house on and off until we leave, I'm not sure of the timing of everything. But, we'll keep you posted.

**Speaking of furlough, we will be there Thanksgiving - the end of July...8 months. We will be in Arizona, all throughout Texas, Louisiana, Virginia (where Joel has some training), Pennsylvania, and Boston...and all the places in between since we will most likely need to drive instead of fly.

**I love how it's so evident that God and the stories of the Bible are real to my kids. Anytime 'bad guys' are talked about, they are always called "soldiers." ;) Death is most often associated with a cross (anytime it comes up that death is a part of life, Hadley still reminds me that I told her she wouldn't have to die on a cross...we have to go over again that just because you die doesn't mean it will be on a cross...;) ). Anytime the kids have to think long-term...for instance, when Grady was trying to sort out how long it was going to be until we got back to the United States (and to his Granny) the other's just kind of difficult for him to grasp. I tried it in months...then 'a really, really long time'...then, just 'lots and lots of days.' And then it clicked for him...he said, "is it gonna be 40 days and 40 nights?!?" To him, that is like the ultimate of a long time. Cute. I was glad he had something to relate it to...and he fully understood after that. Cool.

**Names: I'll have to do a whole post on this sometime soon, but Miranda (nice to meet you), yes..."field of heather" is all we ever saw for Hadley too. ;) But, while we were pregnant the first time (or before probably actually), we were shopping in Costco and saw a box of dates. The company's name? Hadley. Their slogan? Sweetness is our nature. So, we decided we'd use that. ;) Her names mean "sweet joy." I'll explain in more detail another time. But, all our kids' names' meanings are...Grady - Noble Knight, Hadley - Sweet Joy, Eissa - Peaceful Helper, and Cass - Wise Helper.

**Also, another question from the comments of the last post...I actually think it's just as easy to use the bumGenius diapers for newborns. I did and there was hardly any mess to clean up. I would think that if you use the liners too (we never did...just started this loving them by the way), it would catch any of the bulk (you know how sometimes their breast milk poo is a bit seedy or there is just more poo at times than usual) and whatever is left gets easily cleaned. But, you don't have to use liners at all for breastmilk's just so minimal usually and hardly anything to scrap out (we'd just take a paper towel and scrape the excess off). I just visited this site for more opinions and there are tons others elsewhere on the web. But, as I said, I used them with Cass from the beginning and we had zero problems. Hope that helps.

**I have a new clock. It is a pretty cool wall clock that we really like alot. Someone brought it to us from the states even. Who? I'll get to that. And why did someone have to bring a 2 ft. wall clock from the states?!? Because I am finally decorating a house...finally staying in a certain place for more than just a few months and in that certain place we can do things like drill holes in the wall and hang things. Anyhoo, the clocks here in Brazil are all institution clocks. Think school room or hospital room...then you can picture the clocks here...ALL of them, I'm not kidding. Um, I don't think so. So, yeah...they brought it and we are so pleased. Amazing the things that make a house a home in your mind. An institution clock wasn't cutting it...and I'm so glad we had the option of having something different.

**Cass is such a big girl. She is now sleeping in the room with the big kids. We moved her crib in last Monday night and she does just fine. She is the BEST sleeper ever. If she gets woken up, she just goes right back to sleep...without any fussing. I'm telling easy, that one. Not perfect, mind you...she definitely lets her opinions be known these days and REALLY definitely lets you know if she doesn't like something. ;) But, she's awesome. She is now repeating lots that we say and also knows what we are saying most of the time. For instance, if I tell her to go get her shoes, she does. ;)

**O.K., so why did Cass move? Who brought our clock?
DANNY AND JOEL!!!! That's who. (yes, they have sites and on Joel's site you can read all about their adventures here and see even more pics) Fun stuff. They got here Tuesday night. Danny was born here, but they moved when he was 5 and this is his first time back. He's really taking it all in. Danny is Joel's (my Joel) youngest brother and also the baby of the family (he has 2 brothers and 2 sisters). Joel (we tried to start calling him Fabio for ease...that's the name he chose...but it just didn't stick...ha ha ha) is from the Boston area, born and raised. We are having so much fun with these 2. They crazy.

And, the bonus? They are both photographers. How much do I love that? So, here are a few of the pics they've taken so far. There are tons more where these came from (and they've only been here 4 days!...they are here at our house for another 2 weeks)...I'm sure I will be utilizing their pictures a lot in the next couple of weeks, so get ready. ;)

Just hanging around the house their first morning here.
I now have an operator for all things (almost) TV related. They are just really growing up. ;)
Notice the fabulous wall clock in the background. ;) Love (the clock and the girl).
My girl flying a kite...with her shorts on backwards. ;) Danny, Joel, and I had gone to a Wycliffe lecture on culture (in English) that afternoon and this is what we came home to. So much fun.
Then we headed out for the kids to show Danny and Joel their fort and big swing.

Now that's a cute boy! ;) Danny and Joel went with Joel (yes, 2 Joels in the house gets a bit confusing sometimes) to Asas Thursday afternoon to get the tour and check it all out. Grady took his camera along for the afternoon too...he has to take advantage of the expertise all around him these next 2 weeks. ;)
Grady and Uncle Danny.

Yesterday, Joel took part of the afternoon off and we took Danny and Joel to experience downtown.

Goodbye, downtown. Our car, straight ahead, in the parking area. Me with all the kiddos in tow.


Anonymous said...

Such fun!!! Can't wait for Grady to get to Granny. Plus Hadley, Eissa and Cass. And, of course, Michawn and Joel. That will be nice to stay in one place for a while. It will be nice for the kids too. That "big swing" has only one thing wrong with it to me, Joel. That poor middle person - just how does he hold on???? Has to have longer arms, huh? Tell the boys the pictures are great. I love the way they captured Eissa and Cass. I took both tests. Colby, Mark, Zach Thrasher and I were in the first test together. Mark went to another room for his second test. They are all at the lake - it is coming a small storm here right now. That might stop the hamburger supper. Better go. Keep having fun with the company.

AUNY said...

If you need a place to stay on your way to Boston, you can come to our house! Nashville would be a great stopping place. If you can't, we would definitely come and see you in LA.

Kelley said...

You guys are going to adopt here? I'm so jealous! Been wanting to do that for.....well, a while...keep us posted on that process!

The meaning of names is so important! All of your kiddos name's have great meanings. Jonathan accused me of reading my baby name book right to left (meaning first and then the name) as he didn't always care for the name itself :-)

Holly said...

Hey girl...SUCH a long time! I do not get on line as much any more! Boo Hoo!

But...look at you and your gorgeous family~ Everyone is getting so big and they are all so beautiful! Loved catching up on all your news and info.

WHAT is Joel eating there? You look disturbed...:)