Saturday, August 01, 2009

I Used To Be a Sunbathing Fool

Yesterday. Was. Excellentay.

Oh. My. Gosh.

For the 1st time since Grady was born 5 1/2 years ago, I laid out by a body of water...all by myself...without a nursing baby waiting on me somewhere. It was heaven. Ahhhhh!

I used to wear my bikini as underwear every year from May-September. I kept a blown-up raft in the trunk of my car...just in case I was to happen upon a lake. Of course, Saline lake was always my preference, but Lake O' The Pines (Brushy Creek!!) and Lake Cherokee were great too...or any of the other lakes in the great Louisiana/East Texas area.

That all ended once I got married lakes around us in Phoenix (the desert!). And then, of course, the babies started coming. So, yesterday was just SO GREAT!! I read and read...and laid out and laid out. And just did NOTHING!! Stupendous I say!!

Of course, now I'm paying for it. I think I overdid it in the sun. What used to be no big deal for me (as far as time in the sun), is now WAY TOO LONG!! Ha ha ha. For whatever reason, I just neglected to remember that I was about as white as the whitest newborn you can think of as of yesterday since I hadn't been in the sun hardly at all in many years. Of course, I had somewhat of a farmer's tan, just from hanging looks like I have flip-flops on even when I have no shoes on at all...ha ha ha. But, now...I am a total lobster. And SO OUCHIE!! Misery!! But, it was worth it. It was so much fun and so relaxing.

So, this came about because we took Danny and Joel to Salto Corumba. The kids stayed at home with our babysitter. The guys hiked all around the place while I just stayed by the pool. Heaven.

We also went to Pirenopolis this week with them. Fun. Last Saturday Joel had a flight scheduled with some people, so we all went to the airport and were able to all fly with him. It's the first time I'd flown with him since I was pregnant with Eissa. Eissa really enjoyed her first flight with Daddy. Cass didn't go this time, but maybe next time.

John Carter happened to be there too. He said he was on his way to fight some squatters on his land (his life fascinates me) when he looked over at Danny and told him he was welcome to come along. Before John headed off into battle he was going to be stopping over at his 'fishing camp' to meet up with a team from none other than...Massachusetts. So, with just the clothes on his back and his camera, Danny headed off for a Brazil adventure.

Danny spent Saturday - Tuesday with them, traveling around Brazil a bit. We met up with him in Pirenopolis on Tuesday to retrieve him and enjoy the sites in that cute little town (that does NOT smell like crap, Joel!). ;)

In other news, Asas just got back from their HUGE mission trip that they go on every year, Projecto Ide (Project Go Ye). Every July, they bring together many teams from all over Brazil from many different churches to go into a less fortunate/less evangelized area of Brazil to share the love of Jesus and just 'do their thing' in general. They all meet for a couple of days of training and then split off into their assigned groups...evangelism, children's ministries, Jesus film, medical/dental outreach, etc. in several different areas of the region where they are. Joel went last year. I want to point you to a couple of different blogs that are doing excellent series of posts about the trip this year. So very cool to hear about the work of our mission here. So, take a look at Stephanie's blog and Kristin's blog. Really exciting.

Things get going again around here on Monday. Joel has been going to Asas every day like usual during July. But, Monday is when the school starts back up for the students. We will probably start back with homeschooling as well. We've had a nice little 2-week break with Danny and Joel here.

Danny and Joel will be here until Friday, then they will leave (boo hoo hoo), taking a bus to Belo Horizonte and Rio for a bit of traveling. Then some other visitors will be here on Saturday to stay a few days. More on that later.

For now, here are some great shots that our visiting photographers have captured in the last week. And as usual, you can visit their blog recording their Brazilian experience here.

Painting with Joel C.
Just a couple of cute Cass pictures from downtown last week.

Cass getting some help from Uncle Danny.
A typical downtown scene. Danny and Joel have gotten some great shots of just the world around us here. I'll be sure to do a post sometime showing them to you. Very interesting.
After checking out downtown, we went to the mall for supper. Here the girls are window shopping. Cass seems to be pointing out just what she wants. ;)
;) What cute passengers.
Me and the girlies.
The plan was for us girls (me, Hadley, and Eissa) to go up and then the boys (Danny, Joel C., and Grady) to go up. But, since Danny took off with John Carter, Eissa got to go twice. ;)

And our faithful, favorite pilot. We like him.
I love Eissa's face in this Cass tries on Joel C.'s glasses.

Cute little Cass on the way to church.
I love this picture of little Miss Hadley...and her tude.
On our way to get Danny in the wild. ;) It was such a bumpy ride...see video below.
We had to cross 2 little streams...see video below for more fun. ;)
The place we came to (kind of like a little rustic resort, minus a place to stay overnight) was really nice. It was a big rustic wood and stone structure with tons of these hammocks on the top deck. There was a great view from up there.
Before we got down to the waterfall, we came to these natural pools. The kids stripped down to their scivvies and had a great time!

The steep hike down to the waterfall...our kids are awesome...they love this stuff.
This was the waterfall where we found Danny.
Me and my 2 littlest. ;)
It was good to see Uncle Danny again.
A sweet picture of the brothers and little man Ebersole...the boys had hiked up behind the waterfall.
Eissa and Uncle Danny.
Our little hiking family.
This toucan was there at the waterfall place.
The cute streets of Pirenopolis.
And some cute shops...the streets are lined with these.
Tired us at the end of the day in Pirenopolis. Love Eissa's smile. ;)
Cass has taken a liking to this one. Funny.
Torching termites in our yard. ;)
Boys and their games. It was actually really, really funny. ;) They've had the opportunity to do it a few nights...and more fun to come before they leave I'm sure.
Joel and Danny...ready for a big hike at Salto Corumba.
On their way to the falls.
A look at the waterfalls from the bottom.
Joel C. and Danny walking on the very top.
The brothers playing in the pools on the top of the waterfalls.
A real photographer. ;)
Me and my sweet husband at the end of our day of play last night.


Ali said...

Fun stuff! Loved hearing about your time at the pool! Great pics of your family flying!

~ Ali

Alice said...

I love all the pics and videos! And Cass is seriously as cute as a button! A cute button. She's so adorable :)

Anonymous said...

This is a mama speaking. You know, mamas have to say certain things. Be careful with the sunburn. Your daddy had a skin cancer removed from his face this week and has to go back for more surgery. Uncle Vernon had one removed from his face next to his nose and it was pretty deep. Both sides of the family. My Granddaddy Hough, your Granddaddy Hough, Grandma Madden and Douglas. Just be careful. Some of Cass' expressions remind me of Eissa now. They are all so cute. Beautiful girls and such a handsome young man.

Continue to pray for Randy and Amanda (Wren) Dingler. This is a horrible time. Bro. Stan had a wonderful service this morning. Great message after coming home from the Yucatan yesterday and facing this. Much need in the community for a lot of people. Check your email.

Steph said...

ok..amen Mrs Nena - skin cancer. now if i don't see a pic of you, michawn madden ebersole...can't remember you full name..i'm just gonna, well i don't know. i check your skinny white chick blog and i'm pretty tired of seeing the fasting post. nothing agains fasting you know that but i want to see some befores and durings and afters...something:)

there i feel where's that snickerdoodle or choc chip cookie wait i got some wedding cake mmmmm:) ya know got some cravings seeing as though i got about 9 weeds to go.....

Steph said...


Anonymous said...

I love looking at your pictures, your entire family is very photo genic.