Monday, July 06, 2009

Adventures With Daddy

O.K., so when I say that Joel is the best husband ever, I'm not just blowing here. I mean, for real. I'm not just saying it because it's the nice wifey poo thing to say. I live with him. I'm with this boy 24 hours a day. I'm not just focusing on the good things. The truth is that there really aren't any bad things...not anything that ranks in anything major character issues for instance.

I'm laughing right now because that is the truth as unbelievable as that may seem. Are there things that he does that drive me up the wall? Yeah. But, if I'm being honest, most of the time the fact that those things drive me up the wall is a reflection on me...and my impatience or irritability (don't tell him I said that...ha ha). :) And even in those times, he graciously just says he's sorry after we've discussed it, whatever it is, and we forgive each other. Another awesome example for me...the example of quick forgiveness and quick repentance. Even when it really isn't something that he needs to be apologizing for, oftentimes he humbles himself and does it anyway. The cool thing is that since I'm growing in the way I need to be, it happens less and less that he does this. I'm way more aware of when I'm in the wrong and way more able to just recognize it and apologize and get it over with/move forward. Thank God for growth!

It's so funny. Since I do have a somewhat strong personality, I always kind of imagined that I'd have a husband who had an even stronger personality. But, God had other plans. Not that Joel isn't's just not in the same way that I imagined it would be for my husband. God wanted to grow me...make me more humble, make me more patient, make me more like Him. He knew I needed Joel to be the real life example of Himself in my life daily. It's so contradictory to what the world thinks...because Joel humbles himself, even sometimes when he's not wrong, that then makes me want to really examine myself and not be selfish and not 'demand my rights.' Which in turn, makes me more humble and selfless. Joel's way demonstrates strength at its finest...not the turn tale and run kind of humility, but the kind that Jesus showed as he died for us. He, like Joel, could have demanded his rights. Jesus was the one in the right, was He not? But he laid down His life. Joel does the same when dealing with others...never demanding his rights, always being a peacemaker. I'm learning that from him. Slowly but surely, I'm becoming more like Joel...and more like Jesus.

Ha ha ha...I just read back over that and it totally does sound like I'm completely kissing hiney-bo here or something. But, I is the honest to God truth. Yeah, he's annoyingly perfect, but thankfully, that turns out to be such an awesome thing for me...and my kiddos. What the perfect role model he is for us...just like Jesus, I tell you. Incredible.

Not only is he just the best at modeling the super important things like character traits and values, but he's just stinkin' dang fun. Love love love that. Perfect, I say!! Here are a few pictures/videos from June showing what I mean.

The kids LOVE to go on "adventures" with Daddy. Here they all go one Saturday morning.
This is what they made that day during their adventure in "the forest" behind our house.
This is Joel showing it...until the camera died.
Later that afternoon, Joel was playing volleyball here on campus and I went to check on the kids. Joel had set them all up with their snacks in their new fort. Fun times!!
The next day we took the kids to a park here in town. It's pretty cool...LOTS of different things there...and even some waterfalls/ponds. This was all Joel's idea of course.

Daddy's always up for some acrobatics.
Just last weekend, he built a big swing for the kids...well, actually it's HUGE and it's for ALL of us...everyone in the neighborhood. ;) It's a big hit with the neighbors.

The kids LOVE it to say the least.

Later that same day, as the sun was setting, it was time for a bike ride...for everyone. ;) That Daddy is very resourceful. We LOVE our hiking backpack!

Daddy is tons of fun!! He's the best!


O.M.G. said...

i love the swing! ok, and now i love joel too! you do not sound like you are kissing hiney. lol. you sound sincere and aware of your blessing. you know what i thought after reading this blog entry...i thought "those kids have him AND an amazing mom on top of all that!" i've said it before, i'll say it again...i wish i could be one of your kids. what an amazing life they are having!

Haley Frederick said...

Precious!! I also love that swing. How fun!!

Ali said...

I'm glad God gave you a GREAT husband in Joel! You and the kids are blessed! Fun picture of the hiking backpack on the bike! Cracked me up! What a neat swing!

~ Ali

jatlhwI said...

dang, Joel, stop raisin' the bar! lol. jk, good job, keep it up!

Kelley said...

What a sweet post!

That swing is awesome!

Mateo said...

very sweet post about your hubby! I believe all you say because I think we married very similar people. A lot of the things you said about Joel I can say about Matty. I love how you said that you thought you would have a husband with a stronger personality than yours...I thought I would too. But I am so glad that God knows best and gives us what is best for us. He is so very good and faithful!

I love you dear friend!

Go Joel!!!


Mateo said...

by the way, this is Lidia...not sure why it says Mateo? :) Although I am sure Mateo would agree ;)

Jen Sprayberry said...

He's such a cool daddy! How fun.

danny said...

Great Pictures! you guys are really Cranking them out, especially love the one of the three on the sing shot from below... can't wait to be there!