Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Soccer For Grady and Other Happenings

As mentioned before, we were looking for some extracurricular activities for the kiddos after we got back from the states. We found the dance class for Hadley and we have now found a great soccer class for Grady (age 5). He LOVES it. I was surprised when he didn't say anything like "I'm a little bit too shy" when we got to the gym where his class is. There were people sitting around in the bleachers watching him, a group of boys his age he didn't know, and a brand new teacher he'd never laid eyes on, but still he just ran on in. I was so happy for him. I think he is very conscious now of when he gets 'shy' and is actively overcoming it. We've shared with him 2 Tim. 1:7 (interesting how Grady says he's 'shy' and some translations quote that verse as saying 'God did not give us a spirit of timidity' instead of 'fear') and have prayed with him. I think he's winning...on the things he actually wants and needs to do (which is really all that counts).

When we began taking Hadley to dance class, Eissa would dress up in her dance clothes too. She did not want to dance, but thought it was fun to dress up. Then she stopped wanting to even dress up. Well, a few days after she stopped dressing up, I took Hadley to dance class and Hadley started walking back to the room where they have the class. Eissa just pranced right on in with her. I called her to see what she was doing and she said to me (as if I was crazy...why would I ask such a question) that she was going to dance with Hadley (you crazy Mama...what do you think?!?). ;) So, off she went. I dressed her in her dance clothes again the next time and she's been going ever since.

I am literally a dadgum soccer mom now...complete with the drop-offs and mini-van (or Brazil's version anyway). Grady's soccer class is 9:30-11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hadley's and Eissa's dance class is 9:30-10:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, it's perfect. We get it all done at one time. Up until yesterday I would stay at one place or the other. But, I think that from now on, like yesterday, we will drop off the kids (girls first, then Grady) and then me and Cass will run errands. That worked out perfectly yesterday. Then we go pick up the girls and head over to watch the last of Grady's class...usually a little scrimmage game. Fun stuff.

I know ZERO about soccer except that you try to make goals. And, to be quite honest, I've always found it exceptionally (or women) kicking a ball all around a huge field and hardly ever making a goal...nothing like basketball (Shhh!! Don't tell the Brazilians. I might be stoned to death for saying something like that in these here parts). ;) But, I'm sure if Grady loves it then my love of the game will change. I already love watching him in his little scrimmages, even though usually no goals are scored at all (except the occasional one). ;)

And then there is Cass. Happy as a lark as usual. Walking all over the house, getting new teeth all the time (found 2 more since my last post...and Jamin, no, they don't even drool usually...esp. for the non-jaw teeth...pretty amazing), saying words, repeating all kinds of things that we do, and just generally being cute as a button.

I think I've mentioned this before, but we really, in hindsight, think it would've been much better if we'd gone somewhere for me to attend a language school. Joel would've stayed with the kids and not started any kind of ministry until I was done with the language learning aspect. So, now we are basically trying to simulate that as much as possible here. Joel arranged it so that he is coming home early everyday. So, now I study Portuguese every day from 4:30-6:30. I also started going to see Kelma again (my Portuguese teacher) on Tuesday afternoons during that's been good (for both of us) to re-establish that weekly meeting time.

Joel is doing really well too. You'll have to bug him about giving you a more detailed update himself on his own blog...yes, he does have one. ;) And just like me, you can also catch him on Facebook, friends.

Alright, now some pictures of some of the things I just described for you...and some video. Until next time...

A little stretching.
And warming up.
And now adding the ball.
I love Grady in this one.
My little partner in the bleachers.

After picking the girls up from dance class. Grady has his own built-in cheering squad. ;)
Posing. The girls get exceptionally dramatic and 'posy' after dance class. Pretty funny.
What a big package of cuteness!!
She loves to do everything big sister does.
Her big sister loves it too (most of the time).
She loves to read!
And walks around with big girl house shoes on.
And she's climbing everywhere!

Oftentimes getting stuck. ;)
And, just last Sunday, she graduated to her big girl the old age of 15 months (almost...all of our others were much younger than that). She thoroughly enjoys going forward. ;)

6-16-09 Grady's 1st day in Soccer class. Doing a little kicking. Grady is in the orange top.

Doing some catching.

Moving the ball.

Obstacle course.

A little relay.

Playing a game. Grady (in orange top) kicking it in.

6-16-09 Hadley and Eissa doing a little dance routine in class.

This was when I was 'laid up' with my back, obviously. Some Cass (age 14 months) specialties as of late is saying "thank you" and blowing her nose (she actually, really and truly blows it).

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Ali said...

Fun pics of the soccer Mom! Sounds like they are all enjoying learning something new and being active! Fun stuff!

~ Ali