Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Down In My Back

Is that a southern expression? I posted that as my status on Facebook a couple of days ago and was asked what that meant. ;) Hmmm.

Of course, then I explained that it meant that I was 'laid up.' Ha ha ha. Is that another southern expression or does that compute for everyone? Ahhh, gotta love colloquialisms!

Anyway, my back hurts to put it simply. Another simple, universal term...OUCH-IE!!!!!!!!!!

It all started on Friday. I'm not sure why, but I'm thinking that maybe it had something to do with carrying laundry bins way out in front of me instead of close to my being. I know, not proper body mechanics. But, I don't want dirty laundry brushing up against my clean clothes that I have on. Got it? If you don't understand, you really should have some training on clean technique.

Now, I've done that millions of times...well, you know, since I started doing laundry years and years ago. So, that may not be the culprit at all. But, I think that maybe I'll have to employ this method from now on. Much better alignment, agreed?

So, really I'm not sure what the catalyst was for my back woes, but Saturday and Sunday I spent much of my time in the bed. We had a lunch scheduled with a couple on Saturday and another outing on Sunday, but other than those brief excursions (during which I was not comfortable in the back region), it was bed laying for me.

Don't get me wrong...I love some good time just laying in the bed. But, I love it when I'm on a vacation. Or, having a nice, relaxing birthday or Mother's Day or something. Not when I am writhing in pain (except for I'm not writhing because that would entail movement and movement hurts). I love it when I'm not nauseated and/or experiencing other tummy troubles (that I won't mention, but you know exactly what I mean). Needless to say, my "layin' up in the bed" these days has not been for fun reasons...NOT AT ALL.

Now, this is a somewhat light post, but in all seriousness, I need some healing. My back had gotten better yesterday. Joel stayed home most the day on Monday due to my back and not being able to fully tend to our little ones (i.e. when a Mama can't lift, a Mama can't do her job, esp. when she has 2 'babies' that still require said lifting). But, yesterday we thought I was fine. I was a bit sore, but nothing major at all.

Well, last night it started getting worse. By the time I went to bed, I could barely stand up. This morning I have not left my bed. Joel called the pharmacy and got some meds delivered (a nice perk to Brazil services free of charge from the pharmacy)...because basically I can't move without them. It even hurts to lay flat in the bed without movement. I am waiting for them to kick in (and prayerfully they will) and then hopefully I can make it a few steps to relieve my bladder. Seriously, I'm hurting. Help me. Pray. I've never been down in my back before, but it's the pits, people.

We will be going to see a physical therapist friend of ours from church this afternoon and then on to an orthopedist. Please pray for some relief for me, answers as to what is causing this (something simple and non-scary preferably), a quick and easy cure, and life back to normal as soon as possible...because I'm kind of fond of being able to move personally...and walk and sit up and lift my babies, etc. I'll keep you updated. Thanks so much for your prayers.


Anonymous said...

I'll start praying for quick relief. I came home from VBS with Shane. He was a "little bit tired". David was teaching their class and Jessica was leaving for physical therapy with Skylar. She will have surgery Monday and the other two will stay with me until they can come home from the hospital. Let us hear from your back. Wish I was close enough to help out.

Ali said...

Ouch, you poor girl not being able to move! I'm praying your back heals quickly!

Love ya, Ali

Wendy said...

Praying that "Mama" is back to normal soon! I have never been "down in my back" but it certainly sounds like no fun:( I hope those meds give you alot of relief from that pain!!!

Us said...

Aww I will pray for quick relief. I had back issues when Sara was 5 or 6 mths old. I FINALLY went to the doctor and I had bronchitis and muscle spasms or something...yeah I know what you're talking about. I couldn't get up much less I laid on the couch wih babies on top of me all day! MISERABLE!!! SO DEFINETLY praying for very quick relief and it will never return!!!!