Monday, June 08, 2009

The Piano

We were so excited to get Joel's family's piano about a week and a half ago. It's so wonderful to have a piano in the house again. We love it.

This piano belonged to Joel's grandparents here in Brazil. They lived in Sao Paulo state...a couple of states south of us (in a little town called Matao). When Joel's parents moved to Goiania (a while after Joel's grandparents were killed in a car accident), they took the piano with them. When they left to go to the United States back in the mid-90s, they entrusted the piano with some family friends (who refurbished the piano a bit)...with the understanding that if family came back to Brazil, the piano would go to them.

Well, we are that family. ;) In the first house that we lived in here at the seminary, there was already a piano there, so we didn't need to get this one yet. But we are, with the piano that Joel learned to play on...and his dad and aunts before him learned to play on...and the piano that his grandparents played. It's so very special to be able to have an 'heirloom.' That's never the case here that we are able to have something that belongs to the hand-me-down furniture, no special somethings passed down from generation to generation, etc. We are not privy to such sharing. ;) But, we have this. And we are super excited.

The 4th generation of Ebersoles will soon learn to play on this piano. We are very grateful.

The piano came and so did a piano tuner. Nice. The kids loved watching it all.

The tuner doing his thing. I love the way it looks inside.
Eissa went to the piano, asked for the hymnbook, and then asked me to take a picture ("pitcha me? pitcha me, Mama?"). :)
Little walking Cass being serenaded. ;)
We got some of my family's old pictures framed. But, I'll talk more about that another time. They look REALLY great above the piano though. Love it!

Grady trying out his great-grandparents' piano. :) So cool.

Eissa had the camera and I didn't know it. She captured some of what the piano sounds like. Disclaimer: I hadn't really played in years. ;)

Eissa entertaining us. She first sang "America, America" (as in the chorus of "Oh, Beautiful")...the older kids sing that during our homeschool. ;) Then she just sang about whatever she saw or thought of. For instance, when she looked over and saw Grady laying on the floor and sang about Grady being tired. ;) Ha ha ha. Very entertaining.


Us said...

Now I am jealous!!! I have a piano that was my grandmothers...but it is at my mom's (b/c it was hers as a little girl). Then we had arranged "payment" of sorts to get Derek's brother and sis in laws....well they decided to keep it :-(. So I have NO piano and all of my piano skills are gone :-( and Matthew and Sara aren't learning like I had wanted them :-(. How VERY awesome that you have the piano and it was a cherished family piece!!!! That is the best kind to have!!! Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful piano! I remember getting our piano. We went to a little old lady's house in Shreveport to get it. She was cute. It has certainly been used now that Tucker plays so much. I have to get the tuner here again. I think I'll let Jared break the rest of those old plastic pieces before I get the tuner again. That way they will all be replaced at one time. :~) Do you think Grady will play the piano? We are having VBS this week. I had 11
3rd graders today. Tucker and Brooke did missions because Connie Carr is in the hospital. Aunt Cheryl told him at the lake this afternoon that he should tell Miss Dottie that he would do missions next year because he did a great job today. I'm proud of how he just steps up. He is coaching the oldest bunch in softball. He just came in talking about it. They lost but he is a true coach when talking about it. Gotta go study for VBS.

Melissa said...

So cool! I love owning family heirlooms too, and how neat that its the same piano so many in the family have learned to play!

Lisa H said...

Hi Michawn! I only just now saw your message about the book. I think it originally must have gone to my spam folder. Sorry about that.

Anyway, nice to meet ya! The book I mentioned on Noah Steven's blog is simply called, "The Armor of God." The author is Dandi Daley Mackall. On the back there is a website listed: so maybe you could see it there.

Best of luck! :)

*lis* said...

é uma artista essa princesa!

Jen Sprayberry said...

What a cool story! What a blessing to have something so specials from Joel's past.

Anonymous said...


Wow!!! You finally retrieved the great German piano. I'm so thankful you have it in your home. With all the music talent from Joel and family the kids will certainly be players.
Um abraco e beijo a todos,
Tia Anna Nilza