Monday, April 09, 2007

Refreshed and Renewed

Amazing how time with God can cure anything and everything.

I'm not one to pretend like things are honky dory when they aren't. Some people (missionaries in particular can fall into this trap) just go on not ever mentioning when they are struggling. I am positive and full of faith, but at the same time I don't live in denial. And besides, we are supposed to bear one another's burdens, right? Thanks for your prayers toward me at 2am on Saturday morning. :)

That verse I referenced...Joel's grandparents say that they are sure he was talking about child-training when he wrote that. I fully agree. :) At the time of my post I was not thinking about child-training though. It was all about the adults in my life and my prayers and faith for them. Anyhow, can't go into detail, but just know that all is well for me longer weary.

Good thing too...we are on the go so much these days. Just wanted to post super quickly to give you an update. Now I'm out the door.

Pictures from the weekend to come...

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Amy said...

I know that we think about child training when we hear that verse. It's been the verse written on our white board for months now that we can look too when we get exasperated with our little ones. (read "the two year old!") ;)