Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I presently have 3 ouchies...not good...I don't like pain. I'll start with the one that happened first...

Yes, that's my knee. Tucker says my knees are fat now that I've had kids, but nevertheless, it's my knee. It's not only fat in this picture, it hurts. I was running and was looking off at a house with people (that we know of course...this is Saline after all) in front of it. In the middle of the sidewalk was a huge pinecone. I unfortunately stepped on the pinecone with my left foot since I wasn't looking at where I was going, which made that foot fall to my ankle...yeah...a really bad twist. At that point I just went down. I caught myself with my hands and my right knee. Ouch. Funny thing is it didn't really hurt that bad after the first few minutes. So, oh so smart me decided that I could keep running...so I did...for about another mile. Well, that night my ankle was huge and hur-ting. Anyhoo, it's getting better, but you know...still an ouchie.

Secondly, my sweet little Asa poo bit me...while nursing. All of you mothers out there can sympathize/empathize and say "ouchie" right along with me. All of you fathers can just add this to the list of why you can be glad that you don't have to participate firsthand in the pregnancy/childbirth/nursing thing. :) Anyhoo, there is an open wound and it is not healed. Therefore, everytime I nurse...well, let's just say "OUCH!!"

Thirdly, my throat is killing me. Now, that probably helps me considering that I also can't run right now...not really wanting to eat that much either, so that's good. But, you know...hopefully my throat will get better soon.

Alright, I'm done writing about all my ailments. Woe is me! :)


kris said...

ouch is right.
joss did the same thing yesterday actually. man does that hurt!

Ali Elam said...

Hope your ouches heal quickly!

Stephanie said...

sounds like a rough couple of days. I would stay inside with luck like yours!! :)