Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Snap

All of our cold weather clothes were packed and ready for shipment. Should've known better than that. It is quite common "in these parts" for there to be another random cold spell around this time of year. It almost always comes on Easter weekend. It's what we call the "Easter Snap." I don't know if everyone has this term or if it's a Southern thing, but we definitely had an Easter Snap this year. Brrr! Needless to say, the cute little sundresses and sandals will have to wait. Jogging suits and long johns were the Easter outfits of choice this year.

We had a great weekend. Here are some shots...lots of them.

Time to decorate Easter eggs. We had never done this before with the kids since we've never lived where we've actually done the Easter egg hunts. We had a ton of fun. It's been years since I've done that...the kids liked it too. :)

Grady was very meticulous as usual and did a really good job transferring the eggs very carefully.

Asa getting in on some egg action in the only way she knows how.
We went to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning at Old Saline Baptist Church. It was alot of fun. They even had someone dressed up as an Easter bunny and also had one of those big blow up things that you jump in. galore and pizza and soft drinks for everyone. They went all out and it sure was fun. Here the kids are waiting to go outside to hunt the eggs.

After the hunt, the whole family had bar-b-que at Granny's house. Here is Asa laughing with Granny.
Grady, Hadley, Kiley, and Skylar having fun playing in Granny's kitchen.
Easter baskets...they each got a new Bible storybook and of course a chocolate bunny (they got the Peter Rabbit kind).
Giving the kids their baskets. I had been to sunrise was in the 30s, but it sure was pretty. They have it on the lake. I had never been before even though I lived here all my life. So, I decided to go this time. The kids were very excited about their baskets.
Cousins...Kiley, Grady, Hadley, Eli, and Skylar. We always go over to the lake after church on Easter for a picnic and Easter egg hunt. On Easter snap years, the picnic has to be moved inside to Aunt Cheryl's house...but, as long as we're at the lake. :)
Grady, Kiley, and Eli. Isn't that a great backdrop for an Easter egg hunt?
One of the advantages to hunting with real eggs vs. the plastic ones.
You always have a snack readily available.
Riding Shelby's mechanical bull.
Hadley getting in on it.
The afternoon siesta. Colby and Tucker passed out in the back...Grady (acting as a pillow) and Joel just watching some "Home Improvement." :)

Sister kisses.
Aren't they beautiful? Another thing that happened in the past few days...Asa was 6 months old on Tuesday! She is all over the place, scooting all around, and is very close to crawling I think. She does the thing where she gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. So cute.

I am happy to report that after a few days of cold weather it is now back up into the 70s...woohoo.

Hope you had a great Easter too!


Mama said...

Great pictures! The lake was beautiful. I see some resemblance in that last picture of the girls. But I also see Grady too. Beautiful children.

Life en la Casa de Lidia! said...

looks like you guys had a great time!!! You have some wonderful kiddos :)