Thursday, February 22, 2007

There's Just Nothing Like Running

Man, nothing works you out like a good run. It has been SO VERY NICE here this week...highs of 70s and 80s (LOVING this weather). So, I've been taking full advantage of the combination of weather and the fact that Joel was off work (we're in's Mardi Gras time and most universities were out). I'm up to 2 miles again and it is feeling great.

When I'm not able to run, I've been doing my Turbo Jam and that's been great too. I truly despise just walking though, even when I have company and have a scenic route. Walking is great for just hanging out and having some outside time. But, as far as your only exercise of the day...yeah, not for me. It bores me to the core. Sadly, that is what most experts recommend...and they almost all say that running is bad for you. I agree that it can be bad for you as far as your joints and all (I know I might regret running later in life), but man is it a good workout. :)

Update on my diastasis...the separation in my belly. Right after I typed out that blog about it, I checked it again...hadn't checked it in a while. It had actually gotten better, in my opinion due to the fact that I'd been doing standing ab exercises alot...almost daily. Instead of 3-4 finger widths, it was about 2...and it's still the same. I also got an exercise video off that specifically works muscles that will hopefully fix the problem. It's called "Healing Exercises for Diastasis Recti." We'll see how it works.

Another update: As of this morning, I'm now down 12 pounds. Yay! Only 18 more. :)

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