Thursday, February 15, 2007

Coolest House Ever

This is the house I want. When we were in Brazil in August, this house was up for grabs in just the exact perfect location. It's right between the Asas de Socorro headquarters and the airport. It's also on the street where mostly Asas people live, so it would be really fun...handy to live there. Besides all of that great stuff, I just LOVE the house itself...LOVE IT.

So, when we left Brazil we talked to the owner of the house, a former Asas de Socorro guy himself. We could've paid to have him hold the house for us, but we had no idea when we would be coming. So, the house is now occupied. Word is that the occupants are just temporarily there as they are supposedly building a house of their own. But, how long are they there? Will the house be up for grabs again soon? We just don't know.

Many have asked. We have raised about 44% of what we will need monthly and about 30% of what we need to get down there and set up house. We have started looking at plane tickets and thinking about housing while there. This might be selfish, but I really would LOVE to live here. :) I'm sure you understand. It is a great house. Pray. We've contacted the owner, but haven't heard back from him yet with answers to our questions. Obviously, I don't want to be in this house if God doesn't want us there. But, if He does, then I sure do want to pray it into existence. :) Because...I WANT THIS HOUSE!! :)

Either way, you get a good feel of a Brazilian house. And lest you think we will be "living it up," this is just a normal house...every house in Brazil has tile and marble countertops. It's common there. They think we are rich when they see pictures of our carpet. :) Isn't that funny?

O.K., more pictures...

The patio/porch and front door. Man, I love this house...everything about it. The red door and window trimming, the pale yellow paint inside, the huge porch with, of course, the hammock hooks built in.

The kitchen. Through that brown door there to the right of the picture is the laundry room with a sink.

The kids'/guest bathroom.

Hallway from kitchen to bedrooms/bathrooms.

Master bedroom. I love Latin American houses...they are always so open and breezy.

The master bathroom. There are 4 bedrooms total and another room that was used as a study but could be a 5th bedroom. Also, the 2 bathrooms, a laundry room, kitchen, and living room. The outside has a nice size front yard, a side yard where you hang laundry (dryers aren't common), another side yard with a nice little garden area and a storage shed, and another little yard/walkway at the back of the house.

This is the street it's on. Our nextdoor neighbors on 2 sides (the other side is vacant) are Asas people couple is American (would be a big help for me in the first few months for sure). That's Joel walking along and the roof of the house on the left. All houses in Brazil have a wall/gate like that.

Isn't it cool? We'll see what God has in store.

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Ali Elam said...

The support is coming so fast! AWESOME news! Love the house! Will be praying for you guys!