Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Babe!!

I'm not sure why I absolutely love this picture so much. I think it's just so Joel though...laughing, joyful, sweet...all of the best adjectives there are in the world. I am still in awe that God hand-picked this amazing man, the most incredible man who ever lived besides Jesus, just for me. But, man am I ever so grateful that He did.

Joel, we love you so much! Hope you have the best birthday ever for your 30th.


Ali Elam said...

Happy Birthday to Joel! Hope you guys have a great day together celebrating his special day!

danny said...

its a funny picture because he just finish attempting to flip over the bar swing behind him, he is certianly a funny guy. Happy birthday joey love you

jatlhwI said...

Joel is awesome.