Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lent Is Upon Us

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone! ;)

Well, according to the last post where I asked you to comment if you were reading this blog, let's see...a grand total of ZERO people are actually reading this. :) Haha. My suspicions confirmed!!

But, I wanted to write this anyway. And, if you missed the last post (whoever 'you' may be...apparently 'you' means 'nobody'...ha), please scroll down...very important information there about our family. Now...

Tomorrow begins Lent 2012. As some of you may remember, I entered into a time of just concentrated time with God at the time of Lent last year (did I use the word 'time' enough in that sentence?). It was pretty amazing and life-changing. But, then life changed again, and well, the life-changing things that had occurred...kind of got lost. Very sad...but, the last part of last year was...HARD. And, well...when you're put in the pressure cooker of life, sometimes it's just oh so easy to run back to those familiar things, no matter how unhealthy those things are. So...here we go again...

I've come to love this special time of year. Not that you can't do this any time of the year. But this, as was the case last year, just happens to be perfect timing for me. Joel is going to join me this year too.

I ran across this post a few days ago. Really cool ideas. We will be doing the following...

1. All of those questions she listed out (in that link I just gave you) are great to keep in mind. Love those questions.

2. We'll be going through the book "A Place at the Table" by Chris Seay. I've read the first part already and I have to say...even just the Foreword is worth reading the book. :) Seriously though...I'm really excited about it. Looks amazing.

3. This book, "40 Days with the Jesus Creed" is a possible read. It looks amazing too, but I'm not sure we'll have the time to get to this one every day too...we'll see.

4. I mentioned the Gateway Freedom Classes last year. I made my way through a few of the teachings last year, but this time I will be going through all of the foundational classes for sure (I'm actually already on the 4th foundational teaching) and then a few of the topical ones. I'm telling you...amazing. I highly recommend them for anyone, whether you think you need to get free from anything or not. It's just great, foundational awesomeness. :)

5. I've already been off Facebook for a while. In the last few days, I've answered a few comments and posted a couple of newsworthy things, but I'm not looking at the news feed on the rare occasions I do get on there. So...be sure to let me know personally anything important that happens in your life for the next couple of months instead of just thinking I might see it on Facebook...because that won't be happening. It has literally been incredible not being on Facebook. I really thought I'd only be gone a few days when I decided to spend some time away, but I really just needed this time away...and more than just a few days obviously. So, during this time of Lent, I will check in every now and then and post a thing or two occasionally, but I'm definitely not a present participator on Facebook these days...and won't be for quite some time.

6. Again with the no sugar, no grains. :) I actually would love to make this my lifestyle...forever...and I posted a lot about it (you'll have to just keep clicking 'newer post' until you get to Part 4 to read about the grains...very interesting) after eating this way for about 5 months last year. There in those posts you'll find tons of interesting links and clips, but one that I didn't put there is this one...very interesting, TONS of great information, and lots of tips and recipes. I suggest you check it out...really.

7. Of course the discipline of exercise will be included in this time as well. My new fave video is Jillian's Ripped in 30. I love running as usual. And I also LOVE interval training (also called 'burst' or 'surge' training) and have found a GREAT website that gives free exercise routines...really great ones...usually around 12 minute sessions. And you're sooo tired after...it's a great workout. But, email me if you want to know what site I'm talking about. I'm a little hesitant to give it out to everyone because, honestly and sadly and super annoyingly, it's not a super modest site. It's worth it though, ladies, if you are interested, so just send me an email. Anyway, got me one of these little 'bosses' and I am loving it!!

8. The kids will be included in this as well. Last year, we did this, and we might do some of those daily activities this year too. But, we are also going to be doing some devotions. Here is one that is very easy and basic, but very good. Here's another that is more in-depth...really good stuff from what I've seen so far. I also found this great calendar that gives your kids an excellent visual of just what Lent is all about...they can also color it and fill it in as you go.

9. I also really love this idea. Since I'm going to be abstaining from my beloved Cokes anyway, why not do this? Click on the link below to sign up.

Forty Days of Water - 2012 from Blood:Water Mission on Vimeo.

I love so many of her suggestions (original link) about what to do for Lent. There are several more things from that list alone that I will be doing.

And, that's about it. We are very excited about it. There are so many things going on in our lives right now...some major life decisions we are facing. So, we are very excited and eager to spend this extra concentrated time with the one true God who holds it all in the palm of His hand.

Won't you join us? What will you be doing for Lent?


LittleAntie said...

Hello Mrs. Michawn! I wanted to let you know that I am a faithful reader of your blog. I love your family and I admire you. I like what you have to say for Lent- I am giving up Facebook and secular music. Love and prayers!

jatlhwI said...

you've been quiet a while... i commented on Joel's though. :)

Ali said...

Hey Michawn!

Here is an awesome link to some lent ideas for families!


I left you a comment on the previous post but, I ran into trouble with the super tough to read code that you have to enter to prove you're not a robot leaving spam comments. This password was very tough read and copy and I tried and tried to enter and I tried several times and then lost my comment! Bummer! I wonder if this is the reason for not a lot of comments on your blog!?!