Friday, February 17, 2012

11 Years as Mrs. Joel Ebersole

I went through a pretty intense 'feminist' stage that lasted a few years throughout college. During that phase, I *never* would've typed those words or called myself that. Ha. But, God changed my heart and mindset as far as all that goes. That's a post for another day. But...

I am proud to be called Mrs. Joel Ebersole. Although, I have to admit, it's still a little strange to me. Michawn Ebersole will do just fine. Haha. Or, Michawn Madden Ebersole is good. :) Honestly, that I changed my last name at all was a huge work of the Lord in my heart. But again...another post for another day.


It's been 11 years! 11 YEARS!!!!!!! What on earth? Seems like we shouldn't be old enough to have been married for 11 years. But, so much has happened in those 11 years, that honestly it also seems like we've been together for at least 3 lifetimes already. Haha.

Lots of transition. But lots of fun. Lots of tough decisions. But lots of adventure. A little sadness. But lots of happiness and joy. Four beautiful, wonderful, can-never-say-enough-about-them, blessing-the-socks-off-us-daily children.

I'd say the fruit of this union has been pretty good. :)

So very thankful for this man and this marriage that God gave me. Love love love that Joel Stanley Ebersole. And looking forward to many more years of adventure...after a good long season of just resting and some stability, right Babe? ;)

Love you, Joely!!

And now a look back. To read our whole story (a very detailed, amazing God story) of how 'we' happened, go here and start at the beginning.

The beginning of a friendship. Nothing like a good 70s party to kick off a great friendship. ;) August 1999.
Mission trip to Panama, March 2000.
Joel's college graduation day, May 2000.
Starting to get to know each other better. June 2000.

Fun times on a very swollen Sabine River, July 2000. He would later propose to me on a boat in the water.
Our first date...the Longview Symphony at the end of September 2000.
At a wedding the morning of the day we got engaged, October 28, 2000.
He had just popped the question in a boat on Lake O' the Pines. As we were walking up to the house, I had just said excitedly, "I have a LOT of phone calls to make." Then we walked in the house and there were ALL of our friends, yelling 'congratulations!!' It was perfect! They had cake for us, prayed over us, and even wrote a song for us. :) Love our friends!!

Engagement pictures are up there in the post. Here are some more...
See the reenactment? ;)

At a friend's wedding...I was a bridesmaid. I remember thinking all day long, 'In 2 months and 1 day, we'll be at *my* wedding!' ;)
1st Christmas/New Year's holidays spent together...this taken at Joel's parents' New Year's church service in Salem, MA.
Dreaming about our future as a married couple...first stop, Phoenix, AZ.
A worshiping bride and thankful.
Our first kiss ever. Fun.
It does a body good. ;)

Heading out after a wonderful day with family and to a surprise honeymoon destination (I didn't know where we were going until we got to the ticket counter at the airport the next fun!).
And they lived happily ever after. :)

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Daelynn said...

Happy 11th anniversary... And looking forward to many more for yall.