Friday, February 24, 2012

An Ice Cream Cone

I planned to do a post about this soon after it happened, but that never took place, obviously. I never forgot about this little snack session though, and the opportunity to document it here. So, here's a little 'blast from the past' for you.

These were taken in July of 2010. We were winding up our furlough back in the states and were about to travel back to Brazil. We were staying with Joel's parents in the Boston area. These were taken in their back yard. The kids were very obviously really enjoying themselves. ;) Nothing like an ice cream cone outside on a hot summer day.

I love these all. Therefore, I posted them...all. I especially love the close-up shots of Cass there close to the end though. The kids were ages 6, 5, 3 1/2, and 2 at the time. Soooo cute. ;)


O.M.G. said...

How is it possible for your kids to be this cute? ! Just gorgeous.

Michawn said...

:) thanks, olivia. you're so sweet. i think they're pretty cute myself. ha. ;) your comments always encourage me to post more and more pics of course. ;)

pray for us this weekend, k? thanks!