Sunday, May 15, 2011


One day last week Hadley asked me to do her make-up. She's never really asked me to do that use my make-up and me put it on her. So, we did...and her sisters wanted to join in of course. The pictures of when I was applying make-up are courtesy of their helpful older brother, Grady, the official make-up photographer. And, believe it or not, Eissa has become the choreographer of the family as far as photo shoots go...she's the go-to model of the bunch (I'll have to do a post of just her photo shoots alone...they are a-plenty...she loves to model which cracks me up since she has such a quiet, almost timid personality)...the photos where they are all looking in the mirror and are at the piano were were all orchestrated by her (and by the way, just ignore the mess of my room...I was going through tons of clothes, organizing). Anyway, enjoy these beautiful girls. Oh, and the picture up top is of the next day...the feeling of make-up-ness had not yet worn off and they were quite princess-like all day long. :) Love them.

Looking in the mirror.

They are SO much fun!!


Dani said...

SOOO darling! What is it about us girls that we just love to be PRETTY!!!??? :)

Wendy said...

Super-staaaaars!!!!!! :-)

Us said...

They are adorable!

jill said...

what a fun time with your girls!