Sunday, May 22, 2011

Eating Well - Part 2

I have a friend who is a chiropractor. Chiropractors are known for their health and so I always like to glean from all my chiropractor friends. This particular one is a part of a way of life and 'program' called Maximized Living. Really incredible way of living. My friend posts stuff on Facebook about it ALL the time, so I would just glance at these things every now and then. My interest was piqued. I started asking questions and then met a couple of other people who had started with Maximized Living. I read a LOT about it on the internet...Google and YouTube are just so great. And then my wonderful friend sent me a gift...a Maximized Living book. So, there's that.

I also have a another friend who had started following the Paleo way of eating. Although I for sure don't agree with the evolution part of it all, I did find some of the nuts and bolts of it interesting.

And then I also found many, many websites/blogs of just regular ole mamas like me that had stumbled upon a couple of books that had changed the way they did things in their kitchen/lives. I'll include the sites/blogs next time.

But one of the books was written by a guy named Weston A. Price. His book is "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" and basically chronicles his journey to several different 'primitive' people groups to find out what they were doing right and what us 'modern' people were doing wrong because all of the primitive people were healthier than the moderns.

The other book is by Sally Fallon, called "Nourishing Traditions." She also wrote co-wrote the "Eat Fat, Lost Fat" book. And here is a great clip of her giving a very brief rundown of what a 'traditional diet' is like. I also encourage you to watch some of her other things there on YouTube.

And that should be enough for today to get you you can do some research of your own. Next time I'll tell you more of what I found and what it all looks like in my own life. I am loving it though. So...look at all this stuff and see for yourself what you think.


Stephanie said...

Girl, you know I love hearing about your new things. Looking forward to learning more.

Cookie Crumbs and Aprons said...

Hi Michawn, I too love to research about the BEST things I can give to my family so I am familiar with Weston Price organization and Sally Fallon. The links you mentioned in your newest blog are not familiar to me.

We started looking into healthier eating when we moved to this area. Meeting our mutual friend :) and learning to make whole wheat bread from wheat berries was our first step.

I have read many books and what we are doing now is actually not anybody's plan per se.

We do not eat any food that is listed as a no-no in the bible. Also, we don't eat much meat at all since we don't believe that meat has ever been the main ingredient in a meal until refrigeration, with the exception of party days (ie feasts).

We have tried to eliminate as many whites as possible (processed foods) and eat the food as close to the original state as everyone can tolerate, with me moving a tad closer all the time.

Water and organic whole milk are our drinks, goat milk being preferred but unavailable from the backyard right now.

The thing that I do NOT like about the Weston-Price, Sally Fallon teachings is that she encourages the consuming of foods that the Lord, who made our bodies, tells His people not to eat. There have been tests done to show that the biblical foods that are restricted are higher in toxicity than the unrestricted foods.

I have been "healed" from many, many aches and also from IBS symptoms since changing my diet and I praise the Lord for that.

I hope that as you search the scriptures as your highest standard of wisdom you will be able to determine what is best for your family. I am so thankful that there are young moms and dads that are looking into this. I didn't have sense enough to when my kids were your kids age. :)

Cookie Crumbs and Aprons said...

Also, we have fermented garlic, beets, cucumbers and cabbage using SF recipes. I do like her information, just not all her information. I try to compare it to scripture and look at the wisdom of it.

Meredith :)